Routine Care & Maintenance – Condensation

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Routine Care and Maintenance Series
Tips for Enjoying Marvin and Integrity Products

Hastings Signature Services surrounds the Marvin Window and Door ownership experience with a comprehensive suite of product care related services. In this ongoing series, we deliver easy-to-share tips that can help homeowners enjoy life with their windows and doors – because the relationship doesn’t end with the sale!

Condensation: A Sign of High Humidity

Interior condensation accumulation

Interior condensation accumulation

Excessive humidity can actually be an issue in newer, energy-efficient homes that don’t “breathe.” An inexpensive hygrometer should be able to tell you if your humidity levels are in check.

Download the most up to date copies of the Marvin and Integrity Owner’s Manuals, along with other great resources, from or by clicking the images below.

Integrity Owner's Manual

Integrity Owner’s Manual

Marvin Owner's Manual

Marvin Owner’s Manual



Routine Care & Maintenance – Cleaning Screens

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Routine Care and Maintenance Series
Tips for Enjoying Marvin and Integrity Products

Hastings Signature Services surrounds the Marvin Window and Door ownership experience with a comprehensive suite of product care related services. In this ongoing series, we will deliver easy-to-share tips that can help homeowners enjoy life with their windows and doors – because the relationship doesn’t end with the sale!

Best Practices for Cleaning Screens:

Cleaning the screens on your Marvin windows and doors is best done by removing the screens altogether, laying them on a flat clean area, like a sidewalk, and spraying off any dust with water from your garden hose.

Allow the screens to completely air dry before replacing them in the window or door. If you live in a cold climate, it is recommended that you remove exterior window screens and screendoors during the winter. The mesh may collect snow and ice, causing the screen to sag.

Always work from the exterior of the door when removing and replacing door screens.

Example of a plunger pin

Example of a plunger pin

Windows — Interior Screens
To remove the interior screens, simply lift up on the finger lifts (or finger routes) at the bottom of the screen. This will cause the spring-like mechanism at the top of the screen to compress. Using the finger lifts and continuing to apply upward pressure, draw the bottom of the screen out of the window.
Windows — Exterior Screens
To remove the screen, grasp the plunger pins and pull inward until the pins clear the screen lip on the frame cladding.
On Clad Ultimate Double Hungs, push the screen outward, grasp screen frame and pull down slightly. Turn the screen sideways and bring it through the window into your home.
  • Marvin recommends that the operating sash on the double hung windows be removed from the window before attempting to remove the screen.
  • Certain size screens have a factory bow in the frame; this is to ensure a snug fit and is not a defect.
  • Every screen installed on Marvin products has a label affixed to it that states the following, “WARNING: Screen will not stop child from falling out of window. Keep child away from open window.” If the sticker is removed, please take extra precautions to make sure children do not lean on the screen, especially when the window is open. 

Download the most up to date copies of the Marvin and Integrity Owner’s Manuals along with other great resources from or by clicking the images below.

Integrity Owner's Manual

Integrity Owner’s Manual

Marvin Owner's Manual

Marvin Owner’s Manual



Integrity’s Red Diamond Achiever Award: The Time to Vote is Now!

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The 2015 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award Program has entered its People’s Choice voting phase. Over 260 submissions and nominations were entered by builders, architects, and dealers from around the country, many from the northeast. Check out the wide range of projects vying for recognition in this program and cast your vote today! Round 1 voting ends at 11:59 am on Tuesday, August 11. Only the top 5 will move on to Round 2 – make your vote count by returning every day to vote again.

The Red Diamond Achiever Award seeks to recognize and honor the exceptional work of licensed builders, remodelers and architects who use Integrity Windows and Doors. Following the selection of the People’s Choice Winner, a judging panel will announce several program winners based on creativity, overcoming construction challenges, architecture, complexity and sustainability.

We’re looking forward to seeing which of these great projects make it through to the winner’s circle!

Integrity Brings an Artist’s Vision to Life

Hastings summer intern Joshua LaJoie, an English major entering his junior year at Wheaton College, recently had the opportunity to learn more about a special Integrity project on Martha’s Vineyard.

“A simple expression of an artist’s retreat finds itself well settled among the surrounding nature which inspired it.”
— Patrick Gordon, A.W. Hastings Products & Services Consultant


Art Studio, Martha’s Vineyard / Featuring Integrity Wood-Ultrex

Within the natural confines of Martha’s Vineyard, among the New England firs, lies a newly constructed structure for an artist to call Eden. The size of the structure is not overwhelming, yet it overwhelms. The walls are not decorated, yet they are decorative. The artist studio is by any measure small and simple; however, this is a place of astonishment.

The design will seek to service the creative impulses of an artist. The environment surrounding the building will provide plenty of fodder for inspiration, accompanied by the ambient sounds of songbirds and leaves rustling with the wind. Hastings Product and Services Representative Patrick Gordon, who worked with Portsmouth NH architect Robert Westhelle on the project, said that the cabin “will serve to inspire and offer a deep sense of relaxation. The space will be both a spiritual and intellectual getaway.” Ultimately the area will act as a refuge from the distracting complexities of the outside world.

One of the elements used to create such an ideal aesthetic on the building was Integrity Windows. The artist decided on Integrity Wood-Ultrex in Pebble Gray with pre-finished interior white. Pebble Gray was selected to complement the weathering of the exterior cedar to a silver gray. The cabin will not have a heated interior, thus Integrity Windows are entrusted with providing heat retention. Due to its rural location, the Cabin relies on a certain degree of durability – durability that Integrity can certainly deliver.

Natural light is key to the cabin’s experience. With awnings placed high on the wall and throughout, a soft ambient light enters and encourages concentration. A wall, however, is left bare for the artist to hang his work in honor and speculation. The walls will endure as a sanctuary for the artist’s emotional, yet physical expressions.

Integrity has certainly made this project whole, as light is a major contributor to the final presentation of art. Not only is Integrity able to provide sufficient natural lighting for the creative spaces, but it has also provided strong heat insulation with the durability of Ultrex material suitable for all climate conditions.

Everyone needs a place they can call their own personal paradise. This New England reservation is just one example of how creativity and materials can come together to create just that.

Integrity and the Marvin Family of Brands offer options suitable for all inspirational projects, and can play an integral part in bringing your own Eden to life.


Joshua LaJoie
A.W. Hastings
Marketing Communications Intern

Focus on Affordable Housing: Wilmont Crossing

Wilmont Crossing is a new construction mixed-use affordable housing complex. It was built to be a secure, reliable, and aesthetically appealing residence option for the growing population of residents in New Haven, CT who need handicap accessible housing. It contains 47 apartments, a community center, and 9,000+ square feet of retail space. Integrity All Ultrex Windows were used throughout the four-story facility.

Read the full Wilmont Crossing case study at

Congratulations to the 2014 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award Winner!

Designed by Ron Lamarre of Lavallee I Bresinger Architects, the new Student Center at Manchester Community College in Manchester, NH is a contemporary space that brings the campus out of the 60s. The building was built to provide a place for students to lounge, learn, collaborate, dine and exercise, while also improving the school’s overall image.

Click here to learn more about this winning Integrity project.

Windows 101: The Basics and Beyond – Window Types

We’re excited to introduce Windows 101: The Basics and Beyond – our brand new video series for homeowners! This new educational series produced by our subject matter experts at Hastings is designed to help homeowners understand fundamental terminology and concepts about their windows prior to their home improvement or construction project.

In the first segment,”Window Types,” homeowners can learn about the most popular styles of windows and how they operate.

Feel free to share this video – and check back soon to dive deeper into the parts and structure of Double Hung windows, in upcoming segments of Windows 101!

Wychmere Pool Bar Pavilion

2013 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award Winner George Gakidis of Gakidis & Stewart designed the Wychmere Pool Bar Pavilion in Harwich Port, MA as an open air gathering space with full views of the ocean and pool. He chose Integrity Wood-Ultrex IMPACT Casement, Awning, and Polygon windows for their durability against the coastal climate.

Read the full case studies at

The 2014 Red Diamond Achiever Program is accepting submissions through June 26th, 2014. This annual program is a chance for builders to share their projects where Integrity products are used to create a unique solution or on jobs with interesting stories. See the current 2014 entries and submit or nominate a project at

Making a Difference With Project HomeFront

Earlier this month, Hastings’ Show and Exhibition Product Manager John Tyler and his daughter Emily had the opportunity to join a team of Hastings volunteers for Project HomeFront – a program originally founded by AmeriCares to help people in need in Connecticut rehabilitate their homes to make them safe and livable. John shares the experience of working with the team on two homes in Enfield.

“The homeowners so appreciate the support of volunteers. Paul, the son of the homeowner Lillian, had expressed to me throughout the entire day how lucky he felt to have such good people helping his Mom out. Paul said, “We need more people like those at Hastings in the world.”

Lillian is a very proud person and just could still not believe that this was actually happening to her. She felt that maybe some else was more deserving of this help. Not one to let a good deed go unappreciated, Lillian knew how to give back – from the heart. As Paul said, “Food is the best way to show your appreciation.” And let me tell you, it was delicious!

As I have said before doing stuff like this just gives you a good feeling all over, and my daughter Emily says “I can’t wait till next year’s HomeFront project.” That night after we had finished up the jobs I asked Emily she liked best about today. She replied – “The people, I love working with everyone!”  I couldn’t agree more!”


John and Emily Tyler on the job site for Project HomeFront.

HomeFront is a community-based, volunteer-driven home repair program that provides free repairs to low-income homeowners in Fairfield, Hartford and New Haven Counties in Connecticut; and Westchester County, New York, enabling them to remain in their homes with an improved quality of life.

A big thanks to Hastings’ Patrick Carbone for another outstanding day of organizing this event – and kudos to John, Emily, and the awesome team of Hastings volunteers for making a difference in our community.



Willard Beach Project Profile

Shared on Hastings View last summer, this Willard Beach residential remodel continues to be a great example of the durability of Integrity’s Ultrex Fiberglass windows and doors in a coastal environment.


Homeowners on the coast are looking for products that will hold up against hot sun, salt spray, flying sand, and driving rain. When it’s time to build or remodel, a high performance, durable window is the key to ensuring the longevity of a seaside home.

A recent project in coastal Maine demonstrates how Integrity’s Ultrex Fiberglass windows were used to transform a home while protecting it from the elements and maximizing ocean views.

Willard Beach

This home near Willard Beach, Portland, ME makes use of the many benefits of Integrity All Ultrex and Wood-Ultrex windows and doors. Given the home’s close proximity to the water, the building materials used had to withstand harsh coastal conditions including driving rain, strong winds, high humidity, salt air and more. Ultrex Fiberglass resists harsh corrosives, remains stable in extreme temperatures, and expands at nearly the same rate as glass, resulting in windows that keep their seal and don’t leak.

Project Highlights

Name: Willard Beach
Location: Portland, Me
Project Type: Remodel
Building Type: Residential
Product Series: All Ultrex® & Wood-Ultrex®
Product Type(s): Casement, Awning, & Inswing French door
Architect: Kaplan Thompson
Builder: The Thaxter Company

For additional photos and project details view the full case study at