Hastings Signature Services “Quick Fix” Video Series: Marvin French Door – How to Adjust the Hinges

Hastings Signature Services surrounds the Marvin Window and Door ownership experience with a comprehensive suite of product care related services. We want to make it easy for you to find answers to common service questions for Marvin windows and doors.

In the third installment of the Hastings Signature Services “Quick Fix” video series, Becky Dorfman from the Hastings Signature Services Support team demonstrates how to adjust the hinges on a Marvin French Door. This adjustment can return a door to proper function after normal settling occurs.

Stay tuned for more videos in this “Quick Fix” series from Hastings Signature Services.


Hastings Signature Services “Quick Fix” Video Series: Marvin French Door – Removing & Replacing the Handleset Hardware

Hastings Signature Services surrounds the Marvin Window and Door ownership experience with a comprehensive suite of product care related services. We want to make it easy for you to find answers to common service questions for Marvin windows and doors.

In the next installment of our “Quick Fix” video series, Becky Dorfman from the Hastings Signature Support team demonstrates how to remove and replace handleset hardware from a Marvin French Door. Not just for malfunctioning hardware, this simple fix can also be used to change up the look of the door by updating the hardware.

Stay tuned for more videos in this “Quick Fix” series from Hastings Signature Services.


Hastings Signature Services “Quick Fix” Video Series: Marvin French Door – How to Operate the Multipoint Hardware

Hastings Signature Services surrounds the Marvin Window and Door ownership experience with a comprehensive suite of product care related services. We want to make it easy for you to find answers to common service questions for Marvin windows and doors.

Over the coming weeks, we will release a series of “Quick Fix” videos that you can share with your customers. In the first video, Becky Dorfman from the Hastings Signature Support team demonstrates how to operate the multi-point hardware on Marvin French Doors to ensure the door is properly locked.

Stay tuned for more videos in this “Quick Fix” series from Hastings Signature Services.


Keep on Truckin’ – On the Road with Hastings


Riding shotgun with Kevin P.

For years I was that kid (or in my case – that adult) who rode past tractor trailers on the highway motioning with my arm, begging to hear that air horn.

This was my chance.

My alarm went off at 3:55 a.m. on Thursday, March 19th. I was joining Kevin Perzanowski (one of Hastings’ finest CDL A drivers) for a ride-along. I could not have been more excited.

I thought long and hard about what I could bring my new friend at 5:30 a.m. to start our time off together right. The first thing that came to mind was donuts. Everyone loves donuts, right?

I arrived in a timely fashion at the Distribution Center to start my day with donuts in hand. Kevin arrived a few minutes later and looked a bit taken aback by my smiles, excitement, enthusiasm and energy. But I proudly said, “Hi. I’m Kim and we are going to get to know each other very well today.” At first he looked quite hesitant, but I think I had him at—donuts.


Bonding over donuts…

In normal woman-fashion, I arrived very prepared. Coffee. Lunch packed. Extra sweatshirt. Gloves. Sunglasses. Phone charger. With all my belongings in tow, I hopped into the truck. Okay—it was not really a “hop,” it was more like a climb up into the truck’s cab. I looked around and took it all in, placed the donuts down in the area between our seats, buckled up and off we went.

I was a bit surprised how loud it was in the truck, but nonetheless, I settled in and Kevin and I were not even on 91 northbound before our conversation was flowing and donuts were being enjoyed.

Today’s route was South of Boston. We had four stops: Chace Building Supply, Mozzone, Cape Cod Lumber and Hingham Lumber. Our truckload consisted of 113 units; 106 of them were going to Hingham Lumber.

As a member of the recruitment team, the reason for this trip was to gain a better understanding of the role of our drivers. I wanted to experience firsthand what their day looked like and what some of the challenges were. This will be extremely helpful information to have when speaking to future candidates seeking employment with Hastings.

Kevin and I spoke a lot about our time at Hastings, how long we have been working here and what our roles are. I had a lot of questions for Kevin and he was gracious enough to answer ALL of them. Kevin typically arrives at the Distribution Center at approximately 5:45 am each day. He looks at his route, obtains the appropriate paperwork, prepares his truck and gets on the road. Our first stop on Thursday was Chace Lumber in Foxboro, MA, which is approximately 95 miles from Enfield, CT. That was a very quick stop consisting of only a few units, as were our stops at Mozzone and Cape Cod Lumber. The big stop of the day was Hingham Lumber.


You know what they say – “Lift with your legs!”

Upon arriving at Hingham, a plan was immediately in place. There were 2 large orders to be unloaded from the truck—one would be stacked in the warehouse to the left, the other to the right. The back of the truck was lifted and our work began. Luckily for me, many of the smaller units were towards the front of the truck and I was able to jump in and start unloading.

I then transitioned to the “list checker”; as units were unloaded a number was read off to me and I would check it off from the packing list. A couple of employees from Hingham assisted in the unloading, which in turn made the job go much quicker. Once the job was complete and the list was signed off on—we hit the road.

It was time for lunch–finally! I had worked up an appetite.

The plan was to hit the nearest “nap trap” (for those of you who don’t know this bit of truck driver lingo—that is another word for rest stop). Now although I mentioned I had packed my lunch, Kevin and I worked hard and felt we deserved something better than the lame sandwiches we had packed in our lunch bags. So McDonald’s it was.

After lunch, we got back on the road with our dead-head truck (this is a truck operating with an empty trailer). We were approximately 120 miles from our starting point in Enfield, CT. This gave us 2 full hours to talk about the day’s work we had just completed and life in general. I promised Kevin I would not fall asleep on the ride home and I kept my promise. However, I was VERY tired—it was a long day at work.

Kevin is wonderful at his job. He is a safe driver and we are lucky to have him out there representing our company. Being a CDL A  driver is not easy work. There are challenges such as long days, traffic, weather and problems with the performance of the truck. Yet, Kevin takes it all in stride and does his job with a smile on his face.

Although I never got to hear that air horn—I made a new friend, learned about his job and enjoyed his company—all 275 miles worth. I would be honored to take another trip with Kevin P. any day.


kim v

Kim Viviano
Sourcing and Recruitment Support Specialist

Let the Sunshine In!

sunCoaxing the perfect amount of light into your home certainly sets the stage for how you will be able to utilize the space.

Your lifestyle should dictate the invitation.  If you’re lucky enough to have input from the beginning stages of space planning, the manner in which natural light illuminates the rooms should be a driving force in your decision making. Lighting is no simple matter and how you choose to frame the natural light invited into the various areas of your home will dictate how the rooms will in essence be used.

Large open windows on a southern exposed wall in the kitchen isn’t a very well thought out placement. They say, “If it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen” but that advice falls flat for the culinary enthusiast! Save the large southern exposed windows for the areas of your home that you want to have an endless supply of bright light and passive solar heating. The living room or even the home office, where we tend to spend a good portion of the day reading, entertaining and working, is an area where we crave bright lighting.

Unfortunately we aren’t always able to dictate the placement of the rooms in our homes, and if we should find ourselves with a southern placed kitchen, windows are the perfect way to control the light and heat filtered into the space. Throughout the day the kitchen temperatures will rise above the set temperature as we use our appliances, above what we may find comfortable. This is where Marvin Windows can help to soften the burden of the hot southern sun with the appropriate size windows to control the level of exposure. Marvin also gives control back to the homeowner with our light filtering shades. Truly no situation will find itself without the perfect remedy.

Unlike the southern walls of our home, the eastern skyline ideally calls for large sized window placement to ensure the best possible start to the day, every day. There is nothing quite like greeting the morning sun, sipping a fresh cup of coffee in your cozy kitchen nook while you plan out the day. Equally as inviting for the early riser is to have the morning sun ascend through their bedroom’s eastern exposed windows or to set appropriately on the western side, catching the last rays and warmth of the sun. Large well placed windows are not simply a beautiful display with a sense of style, but the manner in which we merge the interior and exterior in a perfect balance.

sun2As the sun travels across the sky it affords us the perfect opportunity to use our knowledge of the various degrees of illumination and passive heating it presents throughout the day. We can use that information to choose the appropriate size, shape, placement and inserts of the windows to set the stage to enhance the lifestyle of the occupants within. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Eastern exposure: Best for capturing morning sun in a breakfast nook, or a wake up call for the early riser. Big windows welcome in the first and less intense light of the morning sun.

Southern exposure: The brightest of rays should be saved for the space that gets the most living – the “living room.” Good news for those whose driveways face the south… less snow shoveling! Window size is dictated by the room that opens into the world. This light can be controlled by sizing, placement and window inserts to filter out harsh lighting if necessary.

Western Exposure: Excellent for the bedroom, dining room or family room as it catches the setting sunshine and brings the last bits of warmth indoors before the sun finally extinguishes for the night.

Northern Exposure: This side of the home gets the least sun exposure, perfect for spaces that don’t need natural sunlight in the home. Consider a theater or family room with a big screen tv, the movie buffs dream spot, or maybe a nice place for garage placement or the even late morning sleeper.

Remember, this is your home. Ask yourself: how will I live in it? What is my lifestyle? What tasks and activities play throughout the day within these walls? Our Marvin lifestyle experts will help choose the right windows to the let the sunshine in, perfectly!


naomiYour A.W. Hastings Representative
Naomi Mancha is a Products and Services Consultant at A.W. Hastings. She comes from a diverse background in the field of interior design and sales. Her focus is on the development of relationships with architects, contractors and institutions as well as keeping home building and renovating projects advancing to a spectacular conclusion.


2014 Marvin Remodelers Summit – Revisited!

Hastings’ Integrity Products Consultant Ben Brockett shares his thoughts on the importance of the Marvin Remodelers Summit – an annual event in Warroad, MN at the Marvin factory that gives remodeling contractors the opportunity to step back and focus on the growth of their business.

I am guessing that many of us who have been to Warroad before might wonder what is so special about the Remodelers Summit. After all, isn’t this just “another” builder trip to Warroad? I never understood the context of this event (notice I didn’t call it a trip) until I had the chance to host it for the first time 5 or so years ago.

In the best terms that I can come up with for it, this is a business meeting/networking opportunity for remodeling contractors from all over the country. Yes, we sit in the different product rooms and learn about what makes Marvin and Integrity products special and we take a short plant tour but the great value I see in this event comes from not what is planned, but rather the relationships that are facilitated. I will try and explain.

2014 Rem Summit 3

Remodelers Summit Attendees get a close look at Marvin.

The Remodelers Summit gives independent remodeling contractors the opportunity to step away from their “regular routine” for a few days and reflect upon their own business. The primary message is not about Warroad and Marvin/Integrity Windows and Doors. Attendees are led through a series of discussions by Shawn McCadden, a published industry expert, about what it means to be a remodeling contractor today. Shawn started into the remodeling business as a laborer for the remodeling company that his father owned. He then branched out into owning his own business which he then sold, and has now become a trusted advisor and business coach for many remodeling companies across the country. To learn more about Shawn please visit this link to his website. http://www.shawnmccadden.com/

2014 Rem Summit 2

Industry expert Shawn McCadden leads a session for Summit attendees.

To me “self discovery” is a good term for what Shawn is able to bring about as he presents and asks questions during a series of discussions. These discussions have names such as “Remodeling your Company to Last – Today and Into the Future”, “Seven Keys to Differentiation for Remodeling Companies” and “Growing Your Business – What is the Next Step?”

One of my favorite segments is titled “Show me the Money – Where did all the Money Go?” During this segment Shawn challenges the group to think about how much money they really need to cover expenses and turn a profit – the capital that will allow them to grow their business. For most remodeling contractors this exercise is “sobering” as many discover that they perhaps didn’t have a good of a grasp on the financial side of their business as they felt they did. He also challenges them to use products of better quality, pointing out that while that may also cost more, the profit dollars on using these products is greater with the same amount of labor needed to install them. “Eye opening” is the phrase that was heard used by many.

The networking portion of this event is equally important. By the end of the first day you will see contractors from Connecticut exchanging business cards and contact information with those from Maine and vice versa. People who 12 hours ago met for the first time, playing pool together or sharing a story. If you think about it, Warroad becomes the conduit for this all to occur. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say, “I feel very lucky to have been chosen to attend this” or “Wow, I have a renewed sense of direction after today.” Just in the first few days I received emails from our guests this year and wanted to share one with you.

Hi Ben,

Just wanted to express my thanks to you and the rest of the crew at A.W. Hastings for the chance to attend the Remodelers Summit in Warroad. I have attended several similar seminars but the ability for the contractors to network and share views on new products building practices and experiences set this one far apart from the rest. As a builder/contractor/business owner the summit gave me a substantial investment in the future of our company and I walked away knowing our company is stronger because of it.

After listening to Shawn’s presentation I was able to see a new direction my business plan needed to take. I believe most of the contractors that attended the summit are much like me, we have become business owners not necessarily by choice but the natural progression has brought us to it. Shawn gave us a “tool box” full of essential information to make it to the next level and operate more professionally. It was an eye opening experience and he deserves high praise.

I was also able to see first hand the pride Marvin puts not only in its products but also the pride it has in the community of Warroad. The Marvin product line is always expanding and it has continued to be a company I enjoy buying products from. The fact they are willing to bring us to tour their facility and organize this type of Summit makes me believe they care, not only about their products but how they are represented by us, the contractor. I came away feeling even more confident that if I were to sell a Marvin product to my customer it was the right choice.

Again, many thanks to you, John and Chris for a great experience! 

Greg Briggs
Broadcove Builders – Maine 

I hope that in the future when you hear me speak about the Remodelers Summit with deep conviction, this will help you to understand why I believe so strongly in it and the value it has for the remodeling contractor.

Thanks to entire Hastings sales team for finding a quality group of attendees and to Hastings’ John Morey, Chris Eldredge and Mary Paquette for your roles in making this year the best Remodelers Summit I have ever attended.

Ben BrockettBen Brockett
Integrity Products Consultant
A.W. Hastings

Living the Dream – Attending Dreamforce!

Hastings’ Director of Operations, Bruce Meekin shares his first time experience attending Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce conference held in San Francisco.

From the home of the Patriots to the home of the Niners…it was all about the experience!

I had the pleasure of attending our retailer forum at Patriot Place in Foxboro earlier this month. In Foxboro we spent two days with some of our Retailer Partners with a focus on enhancing the experience of our end customers. I left the forum impressed with the strength of our relationship with our partners and the wide range of resources our partners and our company bring to our market. It brought to mind the challenge of coordinating all of these resources; marketing, education, sales, and operations to ensure the brand experience for the end user.salesforce-logo

This past week at Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce conference held in San Francisco, the challenge was answered. Salesforce is the cloud database we use at Hastings to manage our customer interactions and relationships. I had never been to Dreamforce, so my initial thought was that I was attending a software convention. Dreamforce was far more than that. There were over 140,000 registered attendees all looking for ways to enhance the experience for their customers. I was excited to see the focus was right in line with ideas we discussed at our retailer forum.Dreamforce 2014

It would be impossible for me to cover all that I learned in this short article, so I will focus on The Salesforce Customer Success Platform. The Platform connects marketing, sales and service as a team to provide a personal brand experience for every interaction with every customer. An important part of the Platform is Communities that engage customers, partners and employees enabling communication and information sharing across previously perceived boundaries.The Customer Success Platform

Salesforce introduced WAVE as a component of the Platform capturing data from every interaction and providing easy access to key analytics for all team members.

Applications (Apps) were also introduced to the Platform to create personalized experiences for the customer. Apps can be built quickly and can be used on any mobile device.Field Service

The following link will connect you to the opening film for Dreamforce: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cRo96H-maeA.

It describes a connected community of resources working together to provide personalized experiences for our customers, experiences that today’s customers expect.

The theme running through the presentations at Dreamforce was to be disruptive in the market. To create change and do it quickly, and be ready to do it again, and again. The WAVE analytics cloud was introduced to a live performance of the Beach Boys singing Catch a Wave. It struck me that waves tend to come crashing down. Rather than catching a wave, Salesforce is creating waves. At Dreamforce, the challenge was for all of us to do the same.

Bruce MeekinBruce Meekin,
Director of Operations, A.W. Hastings

Taking Window & Door Fundamentals to School

Hastings’ Customer Education Manager John Crane met with CADD students at Porter & Chester in June. The purpose of the visit was to lead a workshop designed to introduce the basics of windows and doors.

Porter_and_Chester_Institute_of_Stratford_1373492Early in June I received a call from Ken Gay, an instructor from Porter & Chester Institute in Chicopee, MA. He was wondering if one of the Hastings trainers would be willing to come in to speak with his class of CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) students. After conducting a mini needs assessment with Ken, we decided that it would be beneficial for the students to learn more about fenestration and the potential products that they are using in their CADD work.

In late Jucaddne I visited Ken’s CADD classroom to facilitate a window & door fundamentals workshop combined with an Integrity introduction. We began with the basics; what purposes do windows and doors serve, what materials are used to craft windows and doors, and what are the positives and negatives to each material.  I made this an active discussion and pulled the answers from the students. They participated readily and enjoyed it as it wasn’t something they had really thought about previously.

Naturally, I turned the conversation to the growth of fiberglass fenestration products and laid the foundation for a mini-Integrity 101. The students saw the value in the Integrity product from the strength and low maintenance exterior, to the ease of installation, to the warmth of wood on the interior of the Wood-Ultrex product. We did a nice job of balancing the technical side of the product; modulus and tensile strength, topics they naturally gravitated towards combined with the emotional side of the product; options, colors, hardware, and casing. They learned quite a bit about options and how to customize an Integrity window to their needs. It was interesting to see the students in action learning. As 3-dimensional as CADD can be, I saw how the students reacted having suitcase samples, corner sections, and “Bend This” chains to play with and appreciate the tactile-kinesthetic component of learning. There really is no substitute to actively viewing and touching when learning about a product (or buying for that matter!).

Ken and his students showed me some of the work they have completed with their newest tool, Revit, a building design and construction software.  Very cool.

The students became believers in Integrity that day. I came away with a renewed appreciation in learning – both in observing the students and viewing some of the work they have completed. It was also nice to share our knowledge with the greater Springfield community. They have asked me to return in a few weeks to talk about glass and glazing technology. I am looking forward working with the students again.

John CraneJohn Crane,
Customer Education Manager
A.W. Hastings


The Sales Process – A Different Point of View: Part 1

Would it be fair to say that when approaching a consumer during the sales process your focus is on figuring out what it is that will motivate them to buy from you? You have a short window of opportunity to give them as much information as possible to influence their decision, so you are eager to tell them about the many different features of our product lines, our quality installation or your company¹s sterling reputation. Unfortunately, your eagerness can all too easily come across as “feature-dumping.” Soon, you’ve provided the customer with a huge amount of information – but what have you learned about them? Have you asked them about their project, their needs, their thoughts on what they are looking for?


There are two outcomes that take place as a result of our sales presentation: the customer buys or they don’t buy. We spend a lot of time trying to figure how to sell them. For a moment, let’s focus on why consumers don’t buy.

  1. Fear of Discomfort with Sales Process:

Problem: Most homeowners have heard of or have experienced less than favorable sales calls. “He came in and offered me a take it tonight or lose it offer” or, “He wouldn’t take no for an answer, so we had to ask him to leave.” Can we agree that in most cases consumers are on guard and want to avoid putting themselves in this position?

Solution: During their visit to your showroom take the time to explain how your company does business. Assure them that the process will be low pressure and painless and that ultimately only they know which decision is best for them.

  1. Affordability:

Problem: Since shopping for windows is not an everyday experience for homeowners it is not unusual for them to set unrealistic budgets for replacing all of the windows in their home. They pick a number – or they may not be sure what a reasonable budget is, since this can be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Then, they may try to find a window solution that allows them to complete the whole project, often sacrificing quality for the convenience of getting the job done all at once.

Solution: Spend time and explain the differences between cheap commodity windows vs. our products. If your company offers financing, be prepared to give them an affordable monthly payment. They can use the money they budgeted as a down payment. Normalize a partial sale by letting them know that most people choose to invest in a quality window by spreading the project over time, rather than sacrificing quality.  Remember this: “I can’t afford these windows” is different than “these windows cost too much.”

  1. Loss of Daylight Opening

Problem: Customers are aware that using a replacement window often results in a loss of daylight opening especially when replacing casement windows. It’s not unusual for our competition to ask the consumer to sign a disclaimer acknowledging the fact that they can experience significant glass loss.

Solution: When selling against other vinyl companies, we have a distinct advantage because of the narrow profile of the all Ultrex Integrity windows. Make sure that when you focus on the strength of fiberglass, you point out the ultimate benefit is a narrow window frame with little to no glass loss.

  1. Aesthetics

Problem: Looks. In many cases people won’t replace their windows because of the overall appearance of chunky white vinyl. Many homeowners’ purchases are emotionally driven and they have a difficult time wrapping their minds around energy efficiency and comfort in lieu of a traditional looking window.

Solution: It is up to you to bring to their attention the fact that they can capture energy efficiency and comfort by using a Marvin/Integrity product while improving on the overall appearance of their windows.

  1. Avoiding Hassle

Problem: Some homeowners believe that replacement of their windows can lead to major hassles. Disruption of their daily routines, houses left a mess, and scheduling issues are only some of their concerns.

Solution: Take the time to explain your installation process step by step with timelines when appropriate. Let them know that you are aware of the potential pitfalls surrounding the measuring, ordering, scheduling and installation of windows and that you are there to guide them through the process.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this post!

Harry Fanolis March 2014 - websize-5.jpgHarry Fanolis
Market Development
A.W. Hastings

A Most Excellent Adventure in Warroad

When I received confirmation that I would be attending a Builder Tour in Warroad I didn’t have any expectations of what this trip would be like. Every Hastings employee smiled and said, “You’ll have a great time” when they heard I was going, which immediately led me to believe there is a deep dark secret that no one is speaking of, kind of like when you are pregnant with your first child and no one tells you the real scoop of what is in store for you.

My co-worker Kim Viviano and I met very early at the airport with our one carry-on bag (Gentlemen, it’s not easy being a woman packing for 4 days in one small carry-on bag) and set off on what we called “Mo and Kim’s Most Excellent Adventure”. As soon as we met up in Minneapolis with Hastings sales rep Nate Marsh, Scott Bishop from Millwork Masters, and the 5 builders in our group, the most excellent adventure began.

Maureen  and Nate

Maureen and Nate

First stop was Menomonie, WI at the Cardinal Float Glass plant. We toured the facility peeling off layers as we strolled through the excessive heat observing the impressive process of producing float glass from the furnace to packing. I’m not going to lie to you, for a brief moment I thought I was going down. After sweating off 10 lbs each, we headed off to dinner in quaint Hudson, WI and like any good Cheesehead, I ordered cheese curds and a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. Both were out of this world!

The next morning we headed over to Signature Terminal to board the Marvin jet. It was a beautiful day to fly and I saw firsthand why Minnesota is nicknamed Land of 10,000 Lakes. Upon landing in Warroad we were escorted to the place we would call home for the next 3 days, The Patch. I felt a little bit like Dorothy when she realized she wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I can best describe Warroad as a cross between Pleasantville and Mayberry. Everyone we met was extremely friendly and I swear the air was just a bit fresher than anywhere else I have visited.

Marvin Signature Jet

Marvin Jet

One of the highlights of the trip to Warroad was the fishing excursion on Lake of the Woods. We were jigging and the fish were biting! We pulled in many of the infamous walleye, as well as a few jumbo perch. We enjoyed the 34 fish we caught during a laid back fish fry an hour after getting back on land. The catch of the day does not get any fresher than that.

First catch of the day!

First catch of the day!

Another “must see” in Warroad is The Shed, a classic and muscle car collection displaying approximately 80 cars. Admittedly, I am not a gear head so after the first 20 cars or so I was all set. Fortunately, the owner of The Shed and Mayor of Warroad, Bob Marvin, was there and we had a great conversation about the sports scene in MN and Boston.

But let’s not forget the reason for the trip to Warroad which is to visit Marvin Windows and Doors. The hospitality provided by Marvin Tours and Training is second to none. From the moment we stepped foot in Warroad our entire visit was careful planned and seamlessly orchestrated. Our day and a half with Marvin consisted of the factory tour and product training. I was extremely proud to be a Hastings employee while listening to the tour instructor speak of the partnership with Hastings and refer to us as their best customer. The builders on this tour were very impressed with the factory tour and with having the opportunity to see so many hands touch a window before it goes out the door. True craftsmanship!

Like all good things, Mo & Kim’s Most Excellent Adventure came to an end and we all returned to New England with stronger relationships and a deeper appreciation for each Marvin window and door that is produced. I would not hesitate to visit Warroad again if invited, well, maybe not during the winter months. You betcha!

Maureen IsherwoodMaureen Isherwood
Education Business Partner