Stonington Architect Designs a Coastal Inspired “Concept Window” for Marvin

Stonington, CT, Dec. 12, 2016 –It was an architect’s dream assignment: design the ideal window free from any code requirements or design constraints.  The inspiration for Architect Michael McKinley’s window comes from the coast. The design, a French outswing, is painted a hazy blue and is framed in a grey weathered mahogany.


“The gesture of opening the sashes to a sunny salt marsh, beach and ocean creates an intriguing and memorable image. The color of the sash reminds me of sea glass and I see the natural mahogany frame and trim weathering to driftwood,” explains McKinley.

The window interior and exterior have the same detailing so when the window is open, the light blue sash embraces the exterior and weathered mahogany frame.


ABX 2016 – Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

The window was recently on display at ArchitectureBoston Expo or ABX, one of the largest building and design trade shows in the country.  A.W. Hastings, the New England Distributor for Marvin Windows and Doors and the display sponsor, set out to “peer into the creative minds” of a select group of architects by challenging of them to design a window in the color, glass and style of their choice.  While most of the other designs emphasized ornate sash patterns and traditional colors, the “McKinley Window” is a simple three pane form that is distinguished by its operation and palette of colors and materials.


Michael McKinley, Architect

The “McKinley Window” is meant to inspire architects, builders and clients to think out of the box. Window and door detailing is critical to the success of any building.

If you are designing or renovating a home, here are some things to consider when selecting your windows:

  1. A Window’s geometry, size, shape and sequence create an overall personality for both the exterior and interior of your home.
  2. Windows don’t have to be white! Color adds interest and character so consider using a color even if it is a neutral shade. Today, most windows are clad with aluminum or vinyl and come in many standard colors.
  3. You’ll want to study your window color in the field by painting a window mockup that can be viewed next to the exterior siding.
  4. Varying window types (double hung, awning, etc.) sash patterns, and even window materials create a thoughtful, custom look.

Kathy Calnen,
Michael McKinley and Associates, LLC
(860) 535-4532

JLC Live: Building Connections for Future Success

JLC Live 2013 is in the books – and by all accounts, it was a fantastic show that allowed us to deliver a truly premier experience for attendees.  I’ve been thinking about what made this particular show so successful, with an eye on how we can apply what we learned at the show to help our retailers and their customers grow their businesses as we move forward.

marvin jlc 2013 wideshot

JLC Live is a show that touches many diverse areas of Hastings, with involvement from employees across our company.  As I consider the teamwork that went into the planning and execution of this show, from a completely revamped booth design to our brand message development and marketing communications, and from our sales team coordination with retailers to the execution of the event itself, I can’t help but be amazed at how these wide-ranging efforts came together.  It’s easy to see that while our employees are phenomenal in their own disciplines, we are at our most effective when we come together as a team in pursuit of a common goal.

This year’s booth took on a whole new feel, portraying the Marvin Family of Products in a very realistic job-site setting. This approach provided the perfect environment, generating a high energy level and enabling us to bring the trade customer into their element while fully engaging them in our messaging on product features and benefits.   Installation demos by Marshall Baser and John Tyler were also extremely effective for our hands-on audience on the show floor.

I always enjoy talking to tradespeople about their business, and this year was no exception.  Many contractors shared that the Replace and Remodel segment continues to lead the way, and as the housing market continues to improve, several of them had residential new construction projects underway as well.  I also spoke with several contractors who had recent interactions with Hastings on the service side. Many of my conversations were with business owners and decision makers – people who are getting the job done every day.

For me, the JLC Live show is about building connections – and our work doesn’t end just because the show is over.  For the Hastings team, this show serves as a great reminder that even tradespeople who are loyal users of the Marvin Family of Products can benefit from more product education.  As Marvin’s product lines evolve, we need to not only continually deliver that education – but we must also measure its effectiveness.  In that respect, this show is a key benchmarking opportunity for us, as we consider our next steps in reaching out to the important trade audience in conjunction with our retailers.

It’s important to note that through our efforts at JLC Live, we are sending a strong message not only to the trade audience, but to our retailer customers as well.  Hastings is committed to adding value for our retailers, and we appreciate their willingness to support our investment and engage with us on a show like JLC Live.  We thank our retailers for not only getting their trade customers to the show, but for allowing us the opportunity to talk to them about the Marvin Family of Products in a series of special presentations.

Thanks to everyone who played a part in making the 2013 JLC Live show a tremendous success.  I know that our customers have product and supplier choices, and I speak for all of us at Hastings when I say that there’s nothing more gratifying that having a customer choose our product and our supplier.  Adding loyalty to the process is the ultimate reward – that’s when we know we’re doing things right!

Keenan Burns
Executive Vice President & COO


Countdown to JLC Live – Behind the Scenes!

photo 5All of us at Hastings are getting geared up for this week’s JLC Live in Providence, RI!  I’d like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of what went into the creation of the JLC 2013 show set.

Just a few weeks after the JLC 2012 show, the team came together to see what worked, what didn’t, and what could we do better for 2013. Well – that’s when it hit me! It all started sinking in, and my brain starts going a million miles an hour. We just had one of the best shows ever – how do I do my part in making next year’s experience even more of an interactive, eye-popping, millwork thrill-of-a-lifetime event?  As I listened to various ideas being thrown around the room, I started taking notes and drawing sketches of how an extended new portion of the booth would all tie together to create a seamless cohesive look.

I returned to my desk with my notes and my many drawings –  where do I start? First things first –  I wanted to create an even more open feel to an already open booth. Instead of just having trusses that are supported in the corners of the booth, how about having them canter leaver at the main entrance to be even more inviting to our customers? Next, how do we take those already cool interactive free standing pieces from last year and create even more of an open floor space feel with them? I started drawing new concepts of how we can fit them into the walls that will support our new truss system and complement our existing system. What we did is create rough openings to support the look we have throughout the booth, and fit those interactive pieces in them. This then allows us to have the same feel and experience in both halves of our booth without sacrificing that cohesive feel that we were looking for.

Now the real fun starts – the construction! And during the construction phase, we can’t forget that Trade Show season is here, and that we must also support our dealers that in return support us! With everything going on, it becomes challenging at times to take on such a large project alone in the Trade Show Department. So that’s when I started asking for favors from our other departments at Hastings. I would like to thank all those who had (or will have) a hand in painting, building, redesigning, dismantling, packing, delivering and setting up the set at the venue.  I also truly appreciate all the suggestions on the whole process and the fact that we were able to work together as one team.

I have learned over the years that we should humble ourselves and listen to others for alone we do not have all the answers. So a big thank you to the talented unsung heroes of Hastings. The praise goes to you this year, for helping in making this year’s 2013 JLC the huge hit I know it will be!

John E. Tyler
Show & Exhibition Product Manager

John Tyler

The JLC Live Experience

JLC LiveWe are in full “preparation mode” for JLC Live, the biggest residential building trade show in our region, where we will meet, host and educate contractor customers from around New England and Eastern NY. We are working to make this our best show yet, keeping a focus on the strong remodeling and replacement opportunity in our market. Throughout our preparations, we dug deep to uncover the value of what we bring to our retailers and their contractor customers at the JLC Live show. As we developed our plans for the show, a few distinct points of differentiation surfaced and I would like to share those with you today:

  • Value. The brands we represent, Marvin and Integrity Windows and Doors, are built on quality, craftsmanship, performance and durability. We see these products as an important difference in the way we do business.
  • Local. We are, as is Marvin, deeply committed to doing business with local independent retailers, not big box stores. This is one of the fundamental values of our business.
  • Education. As a company, Hastings has a strong focus on education at all levels of our business. This happens in the field, at our location in Enfield, at retail locations throughout New England and Eastern NY and at regional events like JLC Live. We love to engage with you and your customers on this level, learning about your businesses in the process. This engagement helps us develop and deploy educational programs designed to help you and your customers capitalize on opportunities in your market.
  • Advocacy. We are lucky to align with a product and a network of retailers who help us develop a strong base of committed advocates throughout the region.

This is not just what we offer at JLC Live. It is the core of our business; an alignment with quality companies and premium remodeling and replacement products. This commitment to value results in the all around strongest product network in our industry. We will communicate this through educational sessions, our newly designed product booth, and our interactive installation demonstrations. For me, those jam-packed demos are “can’t miss” moments of the show – with the audience engaged, and the energy level high, there’s nothing like it!

What will be at the top of my list of favorite JLC Live moments this year? That’s easy – 8:59 AM on March 22nd, when the doors open and a flood of trade customers pours into the exhibit hall to see, hear and learn about our products, partners and the pride we feel in both of those partnerships.

-Miana Hoyt Dawson, Marvin Brand Manager – Hastings 


It’s LBM Expo Week!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that LBM Expo 2013 is upon us!   Initial preparations for this show began about 11 months ago and continued right up to… last Friday!

Packing Up…With Attention to Detail!

The show opens TODAY at 9:30 am and ends on Friday at 1:30 pm.  That’s the easy part.  The pre-show logistics and execution is where all the action is.  For this show we not only have the booth to set up but we also have a large meeting/presentation room, off the show floor, which has to be set up as well.

The final pre-show preparation began on Friday morning when all the displays and support material were carefully wrapped and strategically positioned on transport carts and then onto the truck.


Hitting the Road for Boston!

Once the truck arrives at the venue, usually around 6:30 am, the real action begins.  The Hynes Auditorium, in Boston, offers some unique scenarios which make the entire move-in and setup process much more challenging than at many other show sites.  First of all, the loading docks are located in an underground garage area with only one way in and out.  The drivers have to back the trucks down the ramp and then squeeze into a tight loading dock space.  All I can say is I’m glad I’m not the driver!  With everyone jockeying for position and wanting to be the first one in it can get pretty hectic.  The Dock Master has his hands full!

Another challenge here is that you have to use a freight elevator to get your crates up to the show floor.  Again with everyone trying to do this at the same time the process gets pretty complicated.  You can’t be timid or shy in this environment.  We try to carefully choreograph the entire process by strategically off loading our crates.  The first item to come off is our 4 sided hanging sign.  We have the Union hang the sign, above the booth, before all of our crates arrive and block their access to the booth.  Once the sign is hung, and even before all the crates arrive, a couple of the crew members begin snaking the power cords under the carpet.  Once this is completed, the entire crew of 6 begin setting the displays in the booth according to a predetermined layout.  After everything is in place, the crew cleans all the displays and makes sure everything is in proper working order.

A lot goes into the entire process of planning, setting up, executing and breaking down a show like LBM and it takes a team of dedicated people to make it all happen.  A sincere thank you to all those who helped plan and execute what promises to be another successful LBM Expo.

See you in Boston!

Bill Jackson
Show & Exhibition Manager

Looking Forward to the 2013 LBM Expo!

The theme of this year’s LBM Expo, taking place February 6-8th at the Hynes’ Convention Center in Boston is:  Your Opportunity to Grow.  I can’t think of a more conveniently appropriate theme this year, because at A.W. Hastings our goal is to help our Retailers build their business – and we will be highlighting how to do that in Booth #303.

Each year, the LBM Expo gives us the opportunity to visit with many of our Independent Retailers – both current and future – under one roof.  We review what’s new from Marvin and Integrity, and talk about how A.W. Hastings is committed to your success. This year we will be highlighting the power of the products and how we measure up to others in the industry, and what that can mean to your business.  We will show you the differences between Ultrex and other composite materials, Marvin’s cladding compared to roll-form aluminum, highlight the evolution of Integrity windows, showcase coastal solutions, review remodeling & replacement success stories, and more.

Beyond the scope of the incredible design, fit, finish and performance of the products, we will also be asking the question: Are you leveraging our services?  We are dedicated to business development, education, marketing, local representation and building lasting relationships.  We live and work in your communities so we understand your markets, your customers and the challenges you face.  Stop by to visit with us and find out what we can do for you.

We look forward each year to the Expo to be able to spend time with the best Independent Retailers in the business – and we are proud to call you our partners and friends.  See you there!

Marjorie Murray, Hastings Marketing Services Manager

Marjorie Murray, Hastings Marketing Services Manager

Looking Ahead to ABX!

We’re already getting geared up for this year’s ArchitectureBoston Expo (ABX). We recently took a road trip to check out the show site at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center! (This is the show formerly known as Build Boston.) Save the dates – November 14-16th, and watch for more info on our plans for this huge building industry event!