#NextGenStyle Collection Wows at LBM 2016

It is really easy to write the words “Marvin is all about design possibilities”, maybe even easier to skim over them as you are reading a marketing piece. Many of us spend substantial time and energy trying to bring this statement to life for everyone we meet. With all the energy focused on other people’s Marvin inspiration, how often do you think about what YOUR Marvin style would be?  If your answer is ‘never’ (or even if its ‘all the time!’), keep reading!

We posed this very question to the Hastings community and we received 32 incredibly inspired, very diverse submissions. It was difficult to choose just a few to actually bring to life, but we landed on the finalists and asked our friends at Marvin Windows and Doors to handcraft each one based on the original inspiration. I am proud to announce that we are publicly unveiling the 7 inspired designs that make up our 2016 #NextGenStyle Collection at the LBM Show in Providence, RI this week.


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What happens when you ask a team of passionate window lovers to imagine their dream
Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung?

Driven by their own creativity and inspiration, and supported by Marvin’s Built Around You promise, our team members took standard design options and developed window designs that are uniquely their own.

Explore this sampling of our team’s designs, and then CREATE A PERSONALIZED SET OF MARVIN STYLE OPTIONS for your own #NextGenStyle.

#NextGenStyle is made possible by A.W. Hastings & Co. and Marvin Windows and Doors. It is also supported by the Marvin Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung Window.

If you are attending the show in Providence, please stop by and see these masterpieces on display, then take a few minutes to play with Marvin’s design options and share your vision for a personalized Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window. If you aren’t going to be in Providence, check us out on Instagram or Facebook and follow the action, then let us know what your #NextGenStyle would be.

MIanaMiana Hoyt Dawson
Marketing Brand Manager
A.W. Hastings

Put the STYLE Back in Your Windows!

No one goes to an art exhibit for the red velvet curtain, but rather for the artwork waiting to be revealed behind it.

So let’s just drop the drapes…

Picture yourself with a flute of champagne pinched between your fingers eagerly anticipating the drop, only to be distracted by the artist’s poor choice of frame when the big moment arrives. The goal in framing is to complement the art, just as windows are meant to complement the view; this is why the right styling choices are critical.

So how does this apply to “styling” your windows? We know artwork is chosen based on what we find to be beautiful, but we select the frame to either make it pop or seamlessly blend in, all the while reflecting one’s personal signature style.

With this in mind, here are a few creative tips to set you on the path for choosing your window style.

Using color to your advantage:
Dark painted sashes are all the rage and for good reason. They can be implemented in a multitude of ways. Picture a black window sash and frame, set in a brick wall with a view of Manhattan; just seamless! Move those same dark window sashes to a stark white contemporary space that over looks a Japanese garden and you have a POP! And why not use them in a Proper Bostonian Brownstone? That would be wicked!

Details, details and details:
You can easily add character to a space by using customized moldings. Trimwork can be an accessory working to transform your windows by giving them a decorated look without inhibiting the view. If you’re feeling a little intimidated by just going bare, integrated shades can be incorporated when the need for privacy strikes. Moldings also set the tone for the architectural integrity of the home. Craftsman moldings are simple and solid; in contrast, the more ornate moldings pay tribute to a romantic period. An absence of moldings altogether can give a nod to the contemporary design. This holds true in addressing exterior casing, or lack thereof, as well.

Bump it out:
Are you building a high energy efficient home with thicker walls with deep set windows? Use extension jambs to your advantage. When done in a natural finish and no added trim (flush with the sheetrock), this approach can add traditional warmth to a space while remaining stripped down, modern and sleek. Plus it’s a great place to throw a book down when cozying up in your favorite chair.

style2A Good Handshake:
Window and door hardware seems to be an afterthought, but trust me they are more important than people can imagine. Hardware honestly can make or break the visual coherence of a room. I have seen beautiful stained wood windows and doors cheapened in appearance because the lack of attention put into the hardware. There are so many details put into designing a home – don’t let all that work go to waste by not carrying that detail down to the end.

In some instances, the view is just not that noteworthy but the ambient light is necessary. Changing the view isn’t a realistic possibility, so we improvise. Plantation shutters are a great way to turn a negative into a positive, welcoming class and sophistication to a space along with being incredibly functional – think bathrooms. Another way to camouflage and retain light is adopting the trend of layering windows with shelves and even mirrors; it’s quite the trend buzzing on Houzz, Pinterest and Apartment Therapy.

In the end, framing your view is key, so know your options before going into your next project. Remember, a bad frame can hinder even the most spectacular view. So don’t get stuck with it, style it!

naomiYour A.W. Hastings Representative
Naomi Mancha is a Products and Services Consultant at A.W. Hastings. She comes from a diverse background in the field of interior design and sales. Her focus is on the development of relationships with architects, contractors and institutions as well as keeping home building and renovating projects advancing to a spectacular conclusion.