#NextGenStyle (6 of 7) – The Beauty of Simplicity

Ron’s winning #NextGenStyle Next Generation Double Hung demonstrates the beauty of simplicity. Featuring Bright Silver Pearlescent Cladding, this large double hung offers clear, open glass allowing the beauty of the outside to enter the space. The fresh white interior frames the view and is accented by sleek Satin Nickel Hardware. Beauty and simplicity are the two words used to best describe the inspiration behind Ron’s #NextGenStyle.

“It’s exciting that Marvin gives us the capability of absolutely clean, undecorated details that fit contemporary sensibilities. Large sizes, square sticking, and no SDL can turn a traditional window into a modern design element.”

Ron Conterio
Architectural Products and Services Consultant,
A.W. Hastings

Ron enjoys consulting with architects throughout the state of Maine and collaborating with retail partners to make their Marvin and Integrity projects the best they can be.

When he’s not calling on architects and working with retailers, you can find Ron playing violin in the country’s oldest symphony orchestra, the BSO (Bangor Symphony Orchestra).

The #NextGenStyle Challenge was a contest for A.W. Hastings employees to share their vision for a personalized Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window from Marvin. Using standard Marvin style options and any inspiration, contestants submitted their design and back story. Seven winning designs were built to order in the Marvin factory and displayed at the 2016 LBM Expo.

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