#NextGenStyle (5 of 7) – Victorian Fireside

Jim’s #NextGenStyle submission was inspired by Victorian Architecture and the warmth of being fireside during cold New England winters. His design features a Next Generation Double Hung Round Top with a curved lite cut which offers character, but keeps enough open glass space to allow for enjoyment of the snowy New England landscape. The Clear Finish White Oak Interior gives the home a comfortable traditional feel, while colorful Wineberry Cladding adds to the Victorian home’s exterior palette.

When asked about the design process and how he felt when seeing his window in person, Jim replied, “I wanted to design something a little more traditional. Seeing a design on paper is one thing, but seeing the window in person makes it easier to appreciate.”

My NGDH Style Winners 2016 websize-12Jim Conlon
CADD Operator Architectural Services,
A.W. Hastings

Jim creates shop drawings and provides technical support to architects and retailers. He enjoys answering technical questions, helping customers and other employees in a positive way, and exploring all of Marvin’s possibilities, while making someone’s vision come to life.

When he’s not at Hastings, you can find Jim going for a run or making a nice home cooked meal.

The #NextGenStyle Challenge was a contest for A.W. Hastings employees to share their vision for a personalized Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window from Marvin. Using standard Marvin style options and any inspiration, contestants submitted their design and back story. Seven winning designs were built to order in the Marvin factory and displayed at the 2016 LBM Expo.

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