#NextGenStyle (3 of 7) – Adirondack Camp Influence

The inspiration for Jody’s #NextGenStyle design was the original windows in his cottage in the Adirondacks. During a recent renovation, he determined that Benjamin Muncil, the renowned architect of many Adirondack Great Camps (including White Pine Camp, once used as Calvin Coolidge’s “Summer White House”), likely designed his cottage. Jody’s Next Generation Double Hung replicates Muncil’s simple but classic style, with its distinctive eighteen lite top sash.

I wasn’t quite certain if I was on the right track when I submitted my entry to the Next-Gen window design contest. Although entrants were encouraged to design their own window, I was infatuated with the simple, but distinctive design of the 1905 double hungs in our Adirondack cabin. So, I stole that design. However, I felt I would be given a pass if I gave credit to the renowned ADK architect who had originated the style. And, I guess I was. But I should also add that “my” Next-Gen shows off Marvin’s ability to replicate existing historic designs as well as produce the creative designs that were also entered in the contest. When I saw the final result of my design, I thought “’Well, Benjamin Muncil would probably approve.’ I know I did.”

My NGDH Style Winners 2016 websize-16Jody Hoyt
Treasurer, A.W. Hastings

Jody has played many roles within the company during his 40-year career at Hastings. He enjoys seeing how Hastings has evolved into the vibrant and inventive company that it is today.

When he’s not behind his desk grinding out spreadsheets, you can find Jody enjoying the great outdoors, in all seasons.

The #NextGenStyle Challenge was a contest for A.W. Hastings employees to share their vision for a personalized Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window from Marvin. Using standard Marvin style options and any inspiration, contestants submitted their design and back story. Seven winning designs were built to order in the Marvin factory and displayed at the 2016 LBM Expo.

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