#NextGenStyle (2 of 7) – Modern Farm House

Naomi’s #NextGenStyle is inspired by her personal style,

“I spent the better part of my career dreaming up design for other people’s homes. This experience made me really think about what I wanted for my house and it also made me see that the walls and windows that surround a home are a big part of the overall design.”

My NGDH Style Winners 2016 websize-9Naomi Mancha
Architectural Product and Services Consultant,
A.W. Hastings

Naomi works with some of the most talented architects, designers and retailers on Cape Cod. Her focus is on developing relationships with architects and helping retail partners advance their customer’s building and renovation projects to a spectacular conclusion.

When she’s not exploring her home region of Cape Cod, you can find Naomi traveling the globe or exploring urban locales like Boston or New York City.

The #NextGenStyle Challenge was a contest for A.W. Hastings employees to share their vision for a personalized Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window from Marvin. Using standard Marvin style options and any inspiration, contestants submitted their design and back story. Seven winning designs were built to order in the Marvin factory and displayed at the 2016 LBM Expo.

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