#NextGenStyle (1 of 7) – Celebrating our Family Tree

Mary’s #NextGenStyle is inspired by the close ties she has to her family. The warm brown tone of her window’s Hazelnut Stained Interior brings to life her “Tree” Simulated Divided Lite Pattern, which pays homage to her parents (the trunk of the tree) and her siblings (the branches). “Knowing Marvin can accommodate just about any design request, I tried to think outside the box and not be confined to the usual style of a window,” Mary shared. “Reflecting on what is most important to me, family, was the inspiration for the family tree pattern.” While designing the window, Mary also visualized the sun filtering through the glass and onto an African Violet plant, which originally belonged to her mother.

“When the window was unveiled I got a bit choked up. It exceeded my expectations and sharing the story of my parents love of their children really brought the window to life.”

My NGDH Style Winners 2016 websize-14Mary Paquette
Marketing Services Coordinator,
A.W. Hastings

Mary facilitates memorable Warroad tours for our customers. She is involved in all aspects of planning the trips, from coordinating flights to arranging activities. She enjoys making it possible for guests to experience the warm and hospitable culture of the Marvin family and the community of Warroad!

When Mary’s not sending our customers on an epic adventure, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, and enjoys traveling, baking, cooking, and reading.

The #NextGenStyle Challenge was a contest for A.W. Hastings employees to share their vision for a personalized Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window from Marvin. Using standard Marvin style options and any inspiration, contestants submitted their design and back story. Seven winning designs were built to order in the Marvin factory and displayed at the 2016 LBM Expo.

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