It’s Official! “Marvin Inspiration Center” to Open at 7 Tide in Boston’s Seaport Innovation District

We have exciting news to share! We are very pleased to announce the anticipated opening of the “Marvin Inspiration Center” at 7 Tide Street in Boston’s Seaport Innovation District. The opening is the result of a groundbreaking partnership with Clarke Distributing, New England’s Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen. As a company long known for forging unique trade partnerships, Clarke invited Hastings to become part of the 7 Tide project, slated for opening in early 2016.

“A.W. Hastings has long been known as a company dedicated to creating solutions for the architectural and design community, and the homeowners they serve,” said Hastings Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Keenan Burns. “7 Tide will serve to enhance our commitment to our network of independent retailers by providing opportunities for our mutual customers to experience the Marvin product in new ways. We see our partnership with Clarke on this innovative and technology-driven Boston facility as an important part of our evolution, and one more way we can respond to the needs of our customers.”


L to R: Keenan Burns (COO, A.W. Hastings), Stephen Baker (Architect, Baker Design Group), Sean Clarke (General Manager, Clarke) at the October 28 unveiling event at the ABX show in Boston.

Clarke and Hastings will use the 7 Tide space to educate and inspire architects, designers and homeowners about their wide variety of products and services, and refer customers to their respective dealer networks for the actual product purchase. The building will be completely renovated, with individual Sub-Zero, Wolf and Marvin Showroom spaces. The Marvin Inspiration Center will feature high-touch, interactive opportunities delivered largely through the use of technology and design, creating an experience that is unmatched in the window and door industry today, while providing the educational, lifestyle and visual engagement that homeowners are seeking. Architects and designers will be encouraged to visit the facility with their retailer and their clients, to experience the Marvin product together in an immersive, hospitable environment.

Windows are an integral part of almost every kitchen design project,” said Clarke General Manager Sean Clarke. “When we saw the incredible synergy between our two distribution companies, including the customers we serve and the philosophy that guides us, we knew this would be a win-win for everyone. Through dynamic full-size kitchens and unique room spaces, visitors will see how our products work seamlessly together. And, for Boston architects and designers, this provides an efficient opportunity to make one stop and check two boxes off your list to button up a project.”


7 Tide will be Clarke’s third New England location (its first in Boston) and the 35th Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom in the country. Clarke dedicated two years to intensive strategic business planning that guided them to develop an urban location, and another 18 months to finding the right building in Boston.

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We’ll keep you updated on the progress of this exciting new venture as we move closer to opening!

Living the Dream – Attending Dreamforce!

Hastings’ Director of Operations, Bruce Meekin shares his first time experience attending Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce conference held in San Francisco.

From the home of the Patriots to the home of the Niners…it was all about the experience!

I had the pleasure of attending our retailer forum at Patriot Place in Foxboro earlier this month. In Foxboro we spent two days with some of our Retailer Partners with a focus on enhancing the experience of our end customers. I left the forum impressed with the strength of our relationship with our partners and the wide range of resources our partners and our company bring to our market. It brought to mind the challenge of coordinating all of these resources; marketing, education, sales, and operations to ensure the brand experience for the end user.salesforce-logo

This past week at Dreamforce, the annual Salesforce conference held in San Francisco, the challenge was answered. Salesforce is the cloud database we use at Hastings to manage our customer interactions and relationships. I had never been to Dreamforce, so my initial thought was that I was attending a software convention. Dreamforce was far more than that. There were over 140,000 registered attendees all looking for ways to enhance the experience for their customers. I was excited to see the focus was right in line with ideas we discussed at our retailer forum.Dreamforce 2014

It would be impossible for me to cover all that I learned in this short article, so I will focus on The Salesforce Customer Success Platform. The Platform connects marketing, sales and service as a team to provide a personal brand experience for every interaction with every customer. An important part of the Platform is Communities that engage customers, partners and employees enabling communication and information sharing across previously perceived boundaries.The Customer Success Platform

Salesforce introduced WAVE as a component of the Platform capturing data from every interaction and providing easy access to key analytics for all team members.

Applications (Apps) were also introduced to the Platform to create personalized experiences for the customer. Apps can be built quickly and can be used on any mobile device.Field Service

The following link will connect you to the opening film for Dreamforce:

It describes a connected community of resources working together to provide personalized experiences for our customers, experiences that today’s customers expect.

The theme running through the presentations at Dreamforce was to be disruptive in the market. To create change and do it quickly, and be ready to do it again, and again. The WAVE analytics cloud was introduced to a live performance of the Beach Boys singing Catch a Wave. It struck me that waves tend to come crashing down. Rather than catching a wave, Salesforce is creating waves. At Dreamforce, the challenge was for all of us to do the same.

Bruce MeekinBruce Meekin,
Director of Operations, A.W. Hastings

Street Smart – Driving Tips for the Fall Season

images-2Longtime Hastings truck driver Tom Skarzynski has put in a lot of miles over the years – and he has some timely advice about fall driving in New England.

Hi folks! I’ve been a professional driver for over thirty five years now and I thought I’d share some of my accumulated wisdom with you. As the fall season is in full swing we should all be making adjustments in our driving habits to counteract the new challenges nature has in store.

Several things come quickly to mind. One of the most dangerous and most easily unnoticed is that the roads are often covered with leaves. Wet leaves can be as slippery as ice! Take extra precautions when approaching traffic lights or stop signs. Use the winter strategy of allowing added stopping time between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

The sun is now at a different angle. And it is rising and setting right around the normal rush hours. This can cause blinding conditions! The hilly New England landscape adds to the danger, putting the sun in your eyes unexpectedly as you crest a hill. There are a few things you can do to help with this. Most important is to make sure your windshield is clean. This can make a huge difference! Also, a really good pair of sunglasses is essential. Buy the expensive ones – your life is worth the investment! A baseball cap can help as well. The visor on it gives you a lot better glare protection that your car visor can. If your vehicle has power seats, sometimes raising or lowering them can help as well, by changing your angle of perception.

While on the subject of sun glare, be aware that it is affecting other drivers around you as well. Even if it’s not immediately affecting you, other drivers may be blinded and not able to see you! Or they may not see a red light because of the way the sun is hitting it. A few weeks ago I had this happen three times between Springfield and Enfield! In fact, one of them was a cop. I saw where the sun was as I approached a green light and anticipated the problem, coming to a stop and avoiding a major accident!

We’re not far from freezing weather. It can change drastically this time of year. Elevations can and do amplify the problem. I’ve seen a wet road turn to ice at just over five hundred feet! Good old hilly New England. Again, be aware! Also, changing temperatures often breed fog. If you have fog lights, use them! Even in daylight, lights can make you visible to other drivers.

Happy trails!






Tom Skarzynski, A.W. Hastings
“Sir Drivesalot”

Installation Series Part Five: Weatherproofing & Insulation: Your Best Friend

This video is part 5 in a 5 part series, summarizing the key steps and best practices when installing your Marvin or Integrity windows.

In this video, Marshall Baser shows the final stages of installing a window: Weatherproofing and Insulation.

Watch Part 1: House WrapPart 2: The Opening: No Cutting CornersPart 3: Sill Panning: Protecting & Draining, and Part 4: Window Placement: A Square Deal.

If you misplace the installation instructions that come with your windows, visit or to print them out.