Play Ball – Morgan Strong!

Bob Barker, a project manager for inside sales at Hastings, has organized the company’s wiffle ball team to compete in the Annual 9/11 Wiffle Ball Tournament at Fenway Westfield for several years. In 2013, Bob increased Hastings’ participation in the tournament by organizing not one, but two teams, so more people could play. This year two teams from Hastings, the Sliders and the Swingers, will travel to Fenway Westfield, but this time we’ll be competing in a tournament to benefit Officer Brett Morgan, the son of a long time Hastings employee. Read the Wiffle News newsletter from Bob Barker below to learn more about how we “Play Ball!”

Wiffle News – Hastings Eager to Represent

Photos: Left: Hastings Sliders (tan shirts) & Swingers (blue shirts), Right: Officer Brett Morgan

A.W. Hastings is playing wiffle ball at Fenway Westfield for the 5th consecutive year. Every year we talk about how this year will be different, about how we’ve got more players, about how we have two teams now, about how we’re playoff worthy. This year will truly be different for a very special reason.This year’s tournament is being played in honor of Officer Brett Morgan.

Brett’s Dad Mike Morgan has worked at Hastings for over 23 years. On January 19th of this year Officer Brett Morgan of the New Britain Police Department was critically injured in the line of duty. He was in surgery for 9 hours and although his recovery has been nothing short of a miracle, there are many more surgeries and challenges ahead for the young man and his family. Half of the proceeds from this tournament will go directly to the Brett Morgan Benefit Fund.

Hastings normally plays in the fall tournament at this quarter scale replica of America’s most beloved ballpark but since the Summer event is in honor of Brett, we changed our plans and have reserved slots for two teams to represent Hastings and show support for the son of one of our own. Brett and his wife actually played for one of the Hastings teams back in 2012 and we’re eager to return the favor and play for him now. If you’re looking for something to do the weekend of June 27th – 29th, this is definitely worth the trip.

So come out and cheer us on as we represent Hastings and the Brett the only way we know how… Morgan Strong

Injury Update

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 11.31.59 AM

Every ball club has injuries – it’s just part of the game. At Hastings, it’s a BIG part of the game. Here’s a list of injured players and where they stand today.

John Nolan – stitch in side – STATUS: recovered

Bob Barker – shoulder/elbow numb – STATUS: fully recovered

Deb Pelland – hip injury – STATUS: unknown

Jose Claudio – ankle injury – STATUS: 90% recovered

Dusty Hoyt – achilles injury – STATUS: 90% recovered

Mike Morgan – torn hamstrings(2) – STATUS: fully recovered

Brian Grady – collided with young boy – STATUS: both fully recovered

Rookies Demand to Play…Together

When rounding out the roster for 2013’s teams Coach Barker got an e-mail from a young prospect down in the minors who couldn’t play for the current team but vowed to make the team in 2014. Maureen Isherwood kept good on her promise and has been added to the 2014 roster.

The rookie isn’t exactly entering the mix quietly though. She and rookie Kim Viviano have signed contracts that specifically call for the two of them to be on the same team. Ish and K-Viv have boldly guaranteed a winning record if the two play on the same squad. So we’ll have to wait and see if the two can deliver on this bold prediction.

Some veterans of the squad were surprised at the boldness of the rookies but agreed it was refreshing. One old timer was quoted as saying “As long as they know they still have to carry our equipment to the ballpark, they’ll be fine.” Stay tuned…

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 11.32.27 AM

Visit for tournament info.

See the PDF of the Wiffle News wiffle news 050614.pdf – Adobe Acrobat[2]

wiffle news 050614

Wychmere Pool Bar Pavilion

2013 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award Winner George Gakidis of Gakidis & Stewart designed the Wychmere Pool Bar Pavilion in Harwich Port, MA as an open air gathering space with full views of the ocean and pool. He chose Integrity Wood-Ultrex IMPACT Casement, Awning, and Polygon windows for their durability against the coastal climate.

Read the full case studies at

The 2014 Red Diamond Achiever Program is accepting submissions through June 26th, 2014. This annual program is a chance for builders to share their projects where Integrity products are used to create a unique solution or on jobs with interesting stories. See the current 2014 entries and submit or nominate a project at

Making a Difference With Project HomeFront

Earlier this month, Hastings’ Show and Exhibition Product Manager John Tyler and his daughter Emily had the opportunity to join a team of Hastings volunteers for Project HomeFront – a program originally founded by AmeriCares to help people in need in Connecticut rehabilitate their homes to make them safe and livable. John shares the experience of working with the team on two homes in Enfield.

“The homeowners so appreciate the support of volunteers. Paul, the son of the homeowner Lillian, had expressed to me throughout the entire day how lucky he felt to have such good people helping his Mom out. Paul said, “We need more people like those at Hastings in the world.”

Lillian is a very proud person and just could still not believe that this was actually happening to her. She felt that maybe some else was more deserving of this help. Not one to let a good deed go unappreciated, Lillian knew how to give back – from the heart. As Paul said, “Food is the best way to show your appreciation.” And let me tell you, it was delicious!

As I have said before doing stuff like this just gives you a good feeling all over, and my daughter Emily says “I can’t wait till next year’s HomeFront project.” That night after we had finished up the jobs I asked Emily she liked best about today. She replied – “The people, I love working with everyone!”  I couldn’t agree more!”


John and Emily Tyler on the job site for Project HomeFront.

HomeFront is a community-based, volunteer-driven home repair program that provides free repairs to low-income homeowners in Fairfield, Hartford and New Haven Counties in Connecticut; and Westchester County, New York, enabling them to remain in their homes with an improved quality of life.

A big thanks to Hastings’ Patrick Carbone for another outstanding day of organizing this event – and kudos to John, Emily, and the awesome team of Hastings volunteers for making a difference in our community.



Time Out for Our Annual Meeting!

Today is Hastings’ Annual Meeting – the one day of the year when our organization gets together to share each other’s company, celebrate our accomplishments, and look ahead at the opportunities to come!  It’s a special tradition that we look forward to every year as we reconnect, re-energize, and reflect on what it means to be part of the Hastings team. Should be a great day!

We’re closing at Noon and we’ll be back at it bright and early tomorrow – see you then!

Willard Beach Project Profile

Shared on Hastings View last summer, this Willard Beach residential remodel continues to be a great example of the durability of Integrity’s Ultrex Fiberglass windows and doors in a coastal environment.


Homeowners on the coast are looking for products that will hold up against hot sun, salt spray, flying sand, and driving rain. When it’s time to build or remodel, a high performance, durable window is the key to ensuring the longevity of a seaside home.

A recent project in coastal Maine demonstrates how Integrity’s Ultrex Fiberglass windows were used to transform a home while protecting it from the elements and maximizing ocean views.

Willard Beach

This home near Willard Beach, Portland, ME makes use of the many benefits of Integrity All Ultrex and Wood-Ultrex windows and doors. Given the home’s close proximity to the water, the building materials used had to withstand harsh coastal conditions including driving rain, strong winds, high humidity, salt air and more. Ultrex Fiberglass resists harsh corrosives, remains stable in extreme temperatures, and expands at nearly the same rate as glass, resulting in windows that keep their seal and don’t leak.

Project Highlights

Name: Willard Beach
Location: Portland, Me
Project Type: Remodel
Building Type: Residential
Product Series: All Ultrex® & Wood-Ultrex®
Product Type(s): Casement, Awning, & Inswing French door
Architect: Kaplan Thompson
Builder: The Thaxter Company

For additional photos and project details view the full case study at