1950s Cape Remodeled for a Growing Family

The owners of this 1950s Cape were looking to remodel their home to better fit their growing family and fit in with the established architectural style of their “Old Hill” neighborhood. Integrity windows and patio doors were used to increase energy efficiency and add natural lighting throughout the home. Learn more about this remodel and the architect responsible for the beautiful transformation in the video below.

This project was also featured in a blog post on July 22, 2013 – 1950′s Cape Gets a Makeover with Integrity Windows.

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Incorporating Old School Appeal with New School Technology and Amenities

The Centennial Humanities Building and Phinney Library at the Salisbury School in Salisbury CT are new construction buildings within a 19th century institution. See how Marvin windows were used to bring the school into the 21st century at awhastings.com/project-profiles.

Installing Windows? Reach for your installation instructions BEFORE reaching for your level and hammer

Installation Photos - powerpoint size-72Let’s face it, when it comes to installing building products like windows and doors, often we install them without really reading the instructions that the manufacturer provides. Sometimes those instructions don’t even make it out of the wrapper. After all, it takes time to read through them and figure everything out. And, I’ve heard it said many times, if you installed one window and it worked properly, you can install all other windows the same way, right? Well, the truth is you might get lucky using this logic for a while, but eventually, odds are you will run into a “leaker” and end up in a tough spot. This usually means a “call back” which costs time and money to fix.

Here are some facts to consider: Window manufacturers build their windows using materials and assembly techniques specific to their products. They are all different. Once built, the products are tested for performance (their ability to resist external forces like air and water infiltration). Further, this testing is done with the window installed in a wall using a very specific installation method that the manufacturer knows works best with their product. The manufacturer then documents what was done along the way. So, those instructions that come with your new product are really a very well thought out, step by step, tested, installation method that the manufacturer knows, if followed, will provide for the best long-term operation and performance of their window. In short, this means a window that operates properly and keeps air and water outside the building where it belongs. Isn’t that what we want?

Armed with this knowledge, you can now install your next house load of windows feeling confident that if you follow what the manufacturer has documented in their installation instructions, it will work, and you won’t end up getting that call from an unhappy customer during the next hard wind/rain storm that their window is leaking. You can rest easy!

So the next time you unpack those brand new windows and are tempted to reach for the level and hammer and get right to work, pause and reach for the installation instructions first. It may be the best time you spend on your job site today.

Installation Photos - powerpoint size-80

Marvin and Integrity Windows and Doors make it easy for you to get the installation instructions you need. They come with the product, and you can find them online at these links for Marvin and Integrity). I also encourage you to check out our brand new window installation video series.  Let us know how we can help!

Marshall BaserMarshall Baser
Market Development Manager
A.W. Hastings

Energy Efficient Storm Protection with Integrity Windows

2012 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award Winner Bensonwood Homes built this private residence with energy efficiency and storm protection on the Elizabeth Islands off the coast of Cape Cod, MA. Integrity Wood-Ultrex Double Hung, Awning, Inswing French Door, and Picture units were used to take advantage of the beautiful wood interior and the durable fiberglass exterior needed for the intense northeast coastal conditions. The large windows and doors in this home create a transparent atmosphere that connects the inside with the natural surroundings.

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The Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Program has returned. This annual challenge is a chance for builders to receive recognition for their best work that displays Integrity products being used is a unique way or on a project with an interesting story. See more winning projects at integritywindows.com/Red-Diamond-Achiever-Award-Program.

Interior Shades from Marvin – A Perfect Fit

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 2.41.35 PMMarvin has always been known for its quality, great aesthetics and being a market leader in innovation, but in the last two years I feel that Marvin has really begun the process of bundling value into their products. The introduction of painted or stained interior finishes and now interior shades again combine products and services that normally would have had to have been provided by others and now make them convenient directly from the window manufacturer.

Interior shades for me are a very exciting product offering. They were designed to integrate with the Marvin window or door, but to operate in a more traditional way than between the glass options. This allows the product to be both functional and fashionable.  Shades are about controlling light and providing privacy. The design of the Marvin interior shade allows for both of these while allowing you to operate the windows and doors. This is a major advantage over between the glass offerings because the moment you operate a between the glass window the shade or blind travels with the sash negating the purpose of the product – providing privacy or controlling light.

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 2.42.08 PM

Additionally, shade products direct from Marvin can allow for a very streamlined purchasing experience.  Retailers representing this product are in the position to be able to recommend a complete window and door solution, now including privacy and light management.  Since the product was specifically designed to work with Marvin’s product, there is no need for in house measuring.   Customers will no longer have to put fastener holes through their finishes to hang third party shades or blinds with Marvin’s new integrated shade solution.

As a retailer, the new interior shade allows you the opportunity to offer customers a shading product that matches the quality and aesthetics of their Marvin windows and doors, while gaining incremental sales.

Mike Klahr bw2013 websize-2.jpgMike Klahr
Product Specialist
A.W. Hastings

UNE College of Pharmacy on the Cutting Edge

The University of New England College of Pharmacy building is the first facility devoted entirely to pharmacy academic studies and research in the state of Maine. The innovative and energy efficient facility was built to continue to attract prospective students to the popular Pharmacy program.

Learn more about how Integrity windows were used in this cutting edge facility at awhastings.com/project-profiles.

Hastings University Heads North!

It’s an annual tradition and a sign that springtime is just around the corner…as Hastings trainers take the show on the road for our 11th Annual Portland Training Week! With temperatures hovering around zero, it hasn’t felt much like spring, but that hasn’t stopped retailers from Maine and New Hampshire from converging upon the Fireside Inn & Suites in Portland to learn about what’s new for Marvin and Integrity this year in sessions that take place throughout the week.

Hastings' John Crane leads a retailer education session in Portland, Maine.

Hastings’ John Crane leads a retailer education session in Portland, Maine.

The retailer training focused not only on product but also quoting and the use of specialized software tools.  Hastings Education Manager John Crane said Portland Training Week is something he looks forward to all year round.

“Our customers appreciate not having to travel a long way, and we are always happy to share the latest developments from Marvin and Integrity with them,” he said.  “Getting that ‘face time’ is always so important, and our goal is that our customers leave the training sessions as excited as we are about what’s to come with the Marvin Family of Products this year!”

John Crane and Product Specialist Mike Klahr facilitated the sessions and were joined by Hastings’ sales reps Nate Marsh, Matt Stetson and John Morey.  Over 100 participants  from eight Hastings retailers are slated to attend training sessions this week!

Not Just Another Insert Window …..

As you may already know, Integrity Windows & Doors released for sale the Wood-Ultrex Insert Double Hung on December 16th of last year.

This much anticipated release continues Marvin’s “Best in Class” approach to product and market development. The continued strength of the residential remodeling and replacement market has been well documented, and this exciting product will help all of us to capture “our” share of the insert replacement business.

If you are like me you may have thought “well it’s about time” or “what took so long”? After all Marvin knows how to make an insert replacement window. True enough, we aren’t the first to have an insert replacement double hung or for that matter the only ones to offer one but to my knowledge we are one of very few to offer a fiberglass insert double hung.

Let’s not forget the long term performance benefits we have come to learn that Ultrex fiberglass provides. The technology that Marvin owns with Tecton Products remains at the top of the industry with regard to complex thin wall fiberglass pultrusion technology. Our fit & finish is second to no one else who is using fiberglass. In case you missed it, the patented acrylic capping resin system used on Integrity Window & Door components was recently certified to meet the AAMA 624-10 specification, making them the only manufacturer in our industry that does.

I for one am happy that Integrity took the time to incorporate much of the “voice of the customer” feedback into the design of our new insert double hung. Here are a few of the highlights:

1. New sill design allows for more of the bottom rail to be visible on the interior which gives the insert a more traditional appearance. They also added the option of a sash lift.

2. A color matched extension to the exterior bottom rail has been added which improves upon our aesthetics from the exterior.

3. Our sizing capability has been greatly expanded. Integrity will make Wood-Ultrex Insert Double Hungs smaller and larger than our current full frame product. Up to 54″ x 84″, incredible. All sizes come certified for performance by the WDMA.

4. The interior check rail/accent ledge has been reconfigured with the depth of the accent ledge overhang reduced by more than half. As a matter of fact this change has already been adopted into the full frame product.

If it sounds like I am excited, it’s because I am. In my opinion the product planning team did a great job.

Ultrex fiberglass, certified exterior coating system, industry leading performance, aesthetic improvements all in a consistent two week lead time – doesn’t sound like just another insert window to me. Check it out!

Ben BrockettBen Brockett
Product Specialist
A.W. Hastings Co.

Family Retreat with a “Village” Feel

2012 Marvin Architect’s Challenge Winner Donald Giambastiani was inspired by the site’s natural features in this Berkshires renovation. Marvin’s black clad exterior windows were the perfect addition to the fieldstone, cedar shingles and standing seam metal roofs, while the interior Douglas fir highlighted the interior space.

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The Marvin Architect’s Challenge has returned for its sixth year. This annual challenge is a chance for architects to show off their best work that displays architectural creativity and features Marvin Windows and Doors. See more winning projects at marvin.com/window-door-ideas/architects-challenge.