1950’s Cape Gets a Makeover with Integrity Windows

Learn more about this home’s transformation and how Integrity Windows and Doors played a part at www.awhastings.com/project-profiles.

The owners of the Bailey Residence, a 1950’s Cape Cod, wanted to renovate their home to better fit the needs of their growing family. They also wanted to complement the architectural style of their established neighborhood called “Old Hill.”

The Bailey Residence

The Bailey Residence

The homeowners required windows and patio doors that would help increase natural daylight and also be energy efficient. The existing footprint was maximized to gain every inch of usable space. Some floor plans were rearranged to situate the bedrooms and living areas in a way that would take advantage of a broad southern exposure. Extensive natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting and accentuates the warm, natural materials chosen for the interiors. Natural light also helps focus attention on the beautiful views outside.

Project Highlights
Location: Westport, CT
Project Type: Remodel
Building Type: Residential
Product: Integrity Wood-Ultrex Casement, Awning, Inswing French Doors
Architect: Sellars Lathrop Architects
Retailer: Woodbury Supply Company, Inc.

Learn more about this home’s transformation and how Integrity Windows and Doors played a part at www.awhastings.com/project-profiles.

Coastal Perspectives with Hastings Inside Service Manager Gerry Morin

Every homeowner should take steps to properly care for and maintain their windows and doors to ensure optimal performance and operation – and that’s especially important for homes on the coast! Hastings Inside Service Manager Gerry Morin shares some insight on what coastal homeowners can do to safeguard their window and door investment, and ensure they will be able to enjoy their beautiful views for years to come.


Why is window and door maintenance so important for coastal projects?

No matter where you live, your home is up against the elements. But when you live on the coast, your exposure is greater – and the impact adds up over time. Even on a beautiful day you can have sand blowing onto your patio door! And an average run-of-the-mill storm can have a big impact on coastal homes, because strong winds and driving rain can kick up sand debris and salt – affecting hardware and every part of the window. Bottom line, on the coast, it’s not “if” you’ll get water, but “when” – and as a homeowner, you need to be prepared.

The good news is that the potential negative impacts can be dramatically lessened with a few simple steps on the part of the homeowner.  Homeowners can also contract with a caretaker – especially if it is not their primary home and they’re not always there. Many of our Marvin customers with coastal homes contract with a caretaker to maintain or manage their maintenance program.

Can you address the myth of “maintenance free” windows and doors on the coast?  How do we overcome this perception?

There are few building products on the market that are truly “maintenance free.” The reason for maintenance is not just to keep the products looking good and clean – it’s to ensure optimal operation and prevent issues from developing down the road. Some homeowners are under the assumption that their products are maintenance free – and it’s just not the case.

That being said, we along with our retailers have a great opportunity for education – to help our coastal homeowners understand what needs to be done in terms of maintenance, and to head off any potential issues by helping them to plan properly. Our close partnerships with architects and builders provide the perfect conduit for homeowner education – and we work to leverage these relationships to ensure that the right information is in the homeowners’ hands.

Building awareness about how to take proper care of window and door products can happen on the front end of a project. During project planning, architects can help the client see how factors like window size or exposure can mean additional maintenance concerns.

Because contractors are closer to the homeowner, at the end of the building process they are in a great position to show them around and point out what will need to be done for maintenance. Some contractors will even offer the maintenance service, which makes things even easier.

As the direct connection from manufacturer to homeowner, retailers have the opportunity to ensure that the end user gets the maintenance information they need. Ultimately this benefits the retailer since they are the ones who are getting the calls.

You suggest that a homeowner make a point of regular home inspections.  What should they be on the lookout for?

Yes, the biggest thing is for the homeowner or property caretaker to inspect the product regularly, on a semi-annual basis, and if you are right on the ocean, every quarter. Examine the windows and doors from the outside and inside – more frequently on the exterior. Often when we get a service call, it’s for something that’s been going on for months, and the problem has grown more serious over time.

For wood products, homeowners need to look for cracks or areas in the casing where the wood has peeling paint. If it needs painting, paint it!   Check fiberglass products for visible problems like any cracks or separations. Generally inspect the components for any corrosion, and check out the hardware and lubricate it as necessary.

Wash and clean the exterior of your house on a regular basis. Power washing is especially important in coastal environments. All materials, even vinyl, need to be cleaned when you live on the coast. Salt alone can do damage, and abrasion from sand can also cause problems. And it’s not only the window itself that should be inspected – it’s what’s around the window. Check the caulking, trim work, exterior shading systems, and shutters.

You can generally see when something is wrong. If you do spot a problem, the best thing to do is to take pictures and call in an expert such as your retailer.

What other basic steps can coastal homeowners take to ensure the longevity and proper operation of their windows?

I think there are three steps that every homeowner should take when it comes to window maintenance. First, review the owner’s manual. Understand the functions, and learn how to clean and take care of the product. Involve your retailer and your builder. Next, establish an inspection schedule – not only for your windows and doors, but all around your house. After every major storm you should do a walk-around, looking for hanging gutters, loose shingles, tree damage, etc. And finally, when you see that something is wrong, do something about it! I’ve had people say to me, “Oh, six or seven years ago, I noticed this problem, and I’ve have been watching it, but haven’t done anything about it.” That’s when you start to get into major repairs. I always encourage homeowners to take action early. Take pictures, share the information – get some help.

Establish a routine of cleaning and inspecting your windows – inside and out!

Why do you think that window maintenance is often not high on a homeowner’s to-do list?

Architects are focused on the best design, and builders are focused on getting the house project built according to the plans. Homeowners are thinking of the beauty of the home as a whole. The subject of maintenance often just doesn’t come up until something happens. The ultimate responsibility for that maintenance conversation should be shared among all of the stakeholders in the project. The architect, builder and retailer need to provide the information and present it a way that is clear – and homeowners need to be seeking the information and asking questions. And by the way, the first question should be: Do I have the right windows for this project?

I believe that all of us in the distribution channel have a part to play when it comes to educating about the importance of preventative maintenance and upkeep for windows and doors on the coast. With the right level of involvement and a shared responsibility in ensuring that the proper information is in the homeowner’s hands, we can reduce callbacks and ensure that the customer will be happy with the product for a long time.

Marvin Owners manual Integrity Owners Manual Infinity Owners Manual
Marvin Owners Manual Integrity Owners Manual Infinity Owners Manual

Gerry Morin

Gerry Morin is an Inside Service Manager at A.W. Hastings. He has worked at Hastings since 1999.

Boy, Have Things Changed…

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to visit with two retired Hastings alums, Jim Colliton, former President of A.W. Hastings of Massachusetts in Somerville and Ron Daniels who headed up our Architectural and Commercial Sales division in Newton Lower Falls. The motivation for their trip out to our area was a courtesy call on my 102-year old father, Ivan, in Longmeadow.

L-R  Dusty Hoyt, Ron Daniels, Jim Colliton, Jody Hoyt

L-R Dusty Hoyt, Ron Daniels, Jim Colliton, Jody Hoyt

A continuing theme during the visit was “boy, have things changed,” although that theme could apply at just about any time in our company history.  For example, Jim’s Dad, Joe Colliton worked at Hastings for over 50 years and his first job was to come in on weekends to feed the horses that pulled our delivery wagons. Needless to say, Joe would likely be amazed at our present day distribution center and trucking fleet.

(Learn more about the history of A.W. Hastings at awhastings.com)

During the visit, I was taken by the fact that the four of us represented three generations of Hastings’ management.  When Jim and Ron joined the company, they worked for my Dad. Later, when I joined the company, Jim was my boss.  The days of working with Jim and Ron and my Dad seem like a lifetime ago, yet are still fresh in my memory.

The recent and thoughtful recognitions of my forty years at Hastings, presented me with an opportunity to reflect on where we have been as a company during that time. Our journey from crisis and chaos in the mid 1970’s, when I first started, to where the company is today didn’t happen by chance. It was the perseverance and leadership of guys like Jim and Ron and my Mom and Dad who struggled through adverse circumstances to save the company and gave us a chance to make it into what it is today.

This is part of the Hastings tradition of commitment and leadership that goes back to our founding in 1846. Through these generations one thing has remained constant, and that is the company.   When my generation rides off into the sunset, Hastings’ success will rely on the next generation and the next to be stewards of this legacy and continue our success.

L-R John Colliton, Joe Colliton, Joe Colliton, Jr., Jim Colliton

L-R John Colliton, Joe Colliton, Joe Colliton, Jr., Jim Colliton

I’m so glad those guys came to visit.  It not only gave me a chance to thank them for what they did for the company and the influence that they had on my life, but it underlined to me the essence of what has enabled Hastings to survive for so long: the effort and commitment of the individuals who are the character of this company.

– Dusty Hoyt, President

Dusty Headshot white

Marvin & Integrity Windows and Doors for a Combined Renovation and New Construction Project

View the full case study at www.awhastings.com/project-profiles.

The Cellardoor Winery in Linconville, Maine teamed up with Phi Home Designs to embark on a 4-year series of projects that included the renovation of a 200-year-old barn and construction of a new wine making facility. The combination of both historic and commercial needs presented a challenge of compatibility.

Phi Home Designs Owner Michael Roy said, “We wanted the right look with a combination of barn sash style windows and some clear view double hung windows out the back of the farmhouse, to take advantage of the beautiful vineyard view. Marvin makes it possible to change the design from one section of a building to another, while still keeping the continuity throughout. Because the main building was going to see many, many visitors on a yearly basis, Marvin was the absolute right choice.”

Using Integrity in the new wine making facility (which is located across the street from the barn) allowed for some cost savings without jeopardizing quality or the architectural feel of the building. “Integrity had just the right amount of options, while staying within the Marvin Family of Products for each main building on the winery grounds kept the look and style cohesive, ”Roy said. “The two project lines are very compatible.”

CONTRACTOR: Phi Home Designs
RETAILER: EBS Building Supplies

  • Marvin Clad Ultimate Double Hung
  • Marvin Clad Ultimate Transom
  • Marvin Clad Ultimate Outswing French Door
  • Marvin Clad Ultimate Casement
  • Marvin Clad Ultimate Awning
  • Integrity All-Ultrex

View the full case study at www.awhastings.com/project-profiles.

Building Brand Advocates – A Labor of Love!

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit with an accomplished builder in Fairfield County, Peter Fusaro of Preferred Builders. I’ve heard and read about Peter through the grapevine here at Hastings as well as through the various contractor communication channels, i.e. builder publications, social media.

The reason for my visit was to tour a residential project that has received numerous honors for its “green” accomplishments. This project, named The Performance House, now also Peter’s home as a model for prospective buyers, was a winner of the 2012 Zero Energy Challenge. Peter was extremely proud to show people this home, as the amount of work that went into the project was lengthy and required an extreme amount of attention to detail.

As I was driving down to visit Peter, my mind began spinning with questions I could ask him about – of course focused around why did you choose Integrity? What do you like about the brand? What can we do to serve you better? I wanted to be sure that I could get as much information as possible in my short visit.

As I entered the house (to 2 beautiful high energy dogs as well!), I quickly learned that questions weren’t going to be needed here. Peter was filled with information, and his face truly showed his love of the home and the project. Peter is completely committed to the idea of “green construction” and especially to the products and companies he chooses to work for.

Peter Fusaro

Hastings’ Sandra Stoughton and Peter Fusaro

In the marketing world, we always look for brand advocates – people who truly love the brand, and in turn tell others about that love. This was clearly the case with Peter. He was able to recount for me exactly how and when he “fell in love with Integrity.” I guess I’ve wondered if people really do feel that strongly about their building products, in the same way that I love my iPhone or my new car. I certainly learned this day that it is possible.

It was an enjoyable morning spent with Peter touring the home. I don’t know if Peter knew just how great I thought the visit and day was with him, but I was sure to end the day with a huge thank you – a thank you not only for his time and the tour, but also for his business.

(For additional information about the Performance House, you can visit Peter’s Preferred Builders web site.)

-Sandra Stoughton
Integrity Brand Manager  

Sandra Stoughton

Infinity Windows Update the Arsenal Street Apartments – Watertown, MA

AWH-0606-128JVClick here to read the full case study on the Arsenal Street Apartments and Infinity Replacement Windows at www.awhastings.com/project-profiles.

The windows in the Arsenal Street Apartments in Watertown, Massachusetts were becoming a problem. At 25 years old, the original aluminum double hung windows in the seven-story building were inoperable, and a serious upgrade was in order for the low income elderly housing complex.

The property owner, Gilbane Development Company, was looking for a durable window replacement solution, with unique sizing capabilities to fit the original window openings in the brick structure. Other requirements taken into consideration were energy efficiency, ease of use for the elderly residents, and restoring the former beauty of the building. For these reasons, architectural firm Smits Associates worked with retailer JB Sash & Door to choose Infinity Replacement Windows from Marvin as the perfect solution for the project.

Click here to read the full case study on the Arsenal Street Apartments and Infinity Replacement Windows at www.awhastings.com/project-profiles.

Marking A Milestone – 40 Years at Hastings for Dusty Hoyt!

Dusty Hoyt, A.W. Hastings President

Dusty Hoyt, A.W. Hastings President

Today we wish Hastings President Dusty Hoyt a very happy 40th anniversary!

Four decades ago today, Dusty officially began his tenure at Hastings (although he and his brother Jody started coming into the office much earlier, with their parents Ivan and Florence Hoyt.)

Dusty has inspired generations of Hastings employees to believe in his vision for the company, because he always believed in them. Combine that with Dusty’s generosity of spirit, his compassion, and his commitment to doing the right things the right way, and you know the secret to Hastings’ success.

All of us at Hastings join Dusty in treasuring our company’s unique history  – a long and winding road full of challenge and opportunity. Today, we also recognize just how far we have come under his leadership. We look forward to continuing the journey with him – and we thank him for bringing us along.

Congratulations, Dusty, on achieving this wonderful career milestone!  

With appreciation, gratitude, and respect,
Your Hastings Family