Happy 102nd Birthday, Ivan K. Hoyt!

Today is a special day for the Hastings family – as we celebrate the 102nd birthday of former Hastings President Ivan K. Hoyt.  It’s an amazing milestone for a man whose dedication to his family and to his company has been an inspiration over the generations.

Ivan, along with his late wife Florence, laid the foundation for the company that Hastings is today – facing and overcoming many challenges along the way with a work ethic, commitment and vision that each of us at Hastings seeks to emulate to this day.

In reflecting about his father, Hastings president Dusty Hoyt said, “My Dad is an example of how to live life, a standard for me to measure myself and a tremendous source of pride.  I honor what he has taught me through his example.”

All of us at Hastings join Dusty and the entire Hoyt family in this sentiment – and we wish Ivan a very happy 102nd birthday!

Ivan K Hoyt

Hastings President Ivan K. Hoyt (circa 1960)

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