Coastal Perspectives with Keenan Burns, Hastings Executive VP and COO

Summer is just around the corner, which means coastal communities throughout New England are coming to life as part-time residents prepare their homes for the season and year-round residents take on warm weather building projects. This market activity provides window and door sales opportunities for retailers, so it’s a good time to talk about Coastal Solutions from Hastings and Marvin.


Because projects in these areas often involve some level of complexity related to issues such as changing codes and weather patterns, or design trends that call for large expanses of glass, Hastings recognizes that we can help our retailers take advantage of the opportunity in these markets. This approach to coastal opportunities is unique in the marketplace. We are not simply offering a portfolio of high quality products, we are offering decades of problem-solving experience, customer service and technical support along with it.

As part of our partnership, the resources of our inside and outside teams are available to our retail network throughout the coastal design and build process. Our collective knowledge and experience is available to retailers and their trade customers at every point of a project. We approach these opportunities collaboratively with a commitment to providing our own brand of excellent customer service. Our goal is to help meet the demands of complex coastal projects and encourage maximum performance of Marvin and Integrity windows and doors on the coast for the long term.

There are many ways that Hastings can work with you on complex coastal window and door projects, including:

  • Pre and post sale site visits
  • Project needs assessments
  • Verification of local code compliance
  • Design Performance recommendations
  • Consultations to integrate aesthetic intent with product performance
  • Real-time telephone installation guidance or on-site training

I’m excited not only about the great opportunities that are out there in coastal markets, but also about the role that Marvin and Hastings can play to help bring your projects to fruition. I encourage you to connect with our team early on in the process so that we can help achieve the best possible results for your upcoming coastal projects.

Wishing you a strong building season,

Keenan Burns, Executive VP and COO


2 thoughts on “Coastal Perspectives with Keenan Burns, Hastings Executive VP and COO

  1. Thinking about our home in NH and the exposure we have. These seacoast principles can be applied in many other venues in New England beyond the coast

  2. I always encourage the builder, architect, owner and sub-trades to include A W Hastings and Ring’s End as a member of their planning and design charette to insure sustainable high performance projects.

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