Installation Series Part Two: The Opening: No Cutting Corners

This video is part 2 in a 5 part series, summarizing the key steps and best practices when installing your Marvin or Integrity windows.

In this video, Marshall Baser talks about the best way to cut an opening in your House Wrap.

See Part 1 of the Installation Series here.

If you misplace the installation instructions that come with your windows, visit or to print them out.

Installation Series Part One: House Wrap

When it comes to ensuring the best long-term performance of Marvin and Integrity products, proper installation is key. Hastings is pleased to support your installation efforts by offering this special five-part series dedicated exclusively to Marvin and Integrity Product Installation. This series is designed to be a summary of the key installation steps for Marvin and Integrity products.

Our installation expert Marshall Baser walks through each step of the process from start to finish, including house wrap, working with the opening, sill panning, window placement, and weatherproofing & insulation.

In Part 1, Marshall Baser discusses the importance of House Wrap and how to install it.

If you misplace the installation instructions that come with your windows, visit or to print them out.

Congratulations To Our Marvin Architects Challenge Winners!

The winners have been named in the sixth annual Marvin Architects Challenge – and we are excited to share that four of them are from Hastings’ territory!

Congratulations to Best in Show winner Patrick Ahearn of Patrick Ahearn Architect LLC, and Michael Waters of LDA Architecture, Russ Tyson of Whitten Architects, and Mahdad Saniee of Saniee Architects – all winners in the general top 10 judging. While these projects demonstrate a wide range of architectural style and creativity, it’s easy to see the dramatic incorporation of natural light and the innovative use of Marvin Windows and Doors as the common threads that bind them.

Best In Show winner Patrick Ahearn said,  “Winning the Marvin Architects Challenge was a wonderful opportunity to showcase our firm’s work and celebrate the meaning of architectural inspiration.  It is especially significant to be recognized for the function and beauty of our timeless design aesthetic and our unique story-driven approach.  With each and every project, we strive to make our clients’ dream homes a reality and this recognition has elevated this notion.”

Architects Challenge winners will participate in an AIA tour of Minneapolis and spend time at Marvin’s headquarters in Warroad, Minn. for a tour of the factory.

This year’s winners, and all the entries, demonstrate how Marvin products can truly bring an architect’s vision to life – and we are proud to work with each and every one of these talented architects!  Congratulations!

Best In Show:
Patrick Ahearn, Patrick Ahern Architect, Boston MA   “Atlantic Drive”


Michael Waters, LDA Architecture of Cambridge, MA   “Berkshire Farmhouse”


Russ Tyson, Whitten Architects of Portland, ME  “Oceanfront Cottage”


Mahdad Saniee, Saniee Architects of Greenwich, CT  “Boxwood House”


Tales From A Hastings Internship

My name is Taylor Perry. I am 18 years old and I am a Marketing Communications Intern at Hastings. Throughout this summer internship, I have been asked many times what it is like to be an intern at Hastings. This sparked the idea for a blog post, so here I am. However, I thought this question could be better answered by getting the perspectives of all the other Hastings interns as well. Take Marissa, for example – she also works in the Marketing Department as a Marketing Research Intern but her job description is very different from mine! So, I drafted up a short questionnaire and talked to the other three interns about their perspectives about Hastings in general and about their specific jobs. Let’s start with my brother…my younger brother (despite the fact that I am the shortest person in the picture below).

Summer Intern 1

Photo left to right: Austin Perry, Marissa Chapdelaine, Taylor Perry, William St. Marie

Austin Perry is my 16 year old brother and the Information Technology (IT) Support Intern. He is going into his Junior year at Westfield High School. He would describe Hastings as a productive, family-oriented work place. When I asked him about his first day as an intern, he said, “I felt overwhelmed yet welcomed by people. I got a tour and met everyone. They all seem like fun people who enjoy work and do it efficiently and effectively. They were very welcoming to me and seemed excited to have me as an intern.” Not only is his job description much different from mine, but he works in a whole different building! On a daily basis, you can find Austin documenting inventory of server rooms or providing internal IT instruction and support.  He says that Hastings has been “a fantastic opportunity to expand my knowledge and prepare me for the years ahead.” If given the choice, Austin hopes to return to Hastings next summer. After talking to Austin in the other building, I talked to someone whose desk is not more than a few feet away from mine.

Marissa Chapdelaine (21) works at Hastings as a Marketing Research Intern but will be attending Western New England University as a senior this coming fall. On her first day, she said that she was nervous before she arrived, but quickly felt welcomed and comfortable. “Everyone was extremely nice, helpful, and made me feel as if my position as an intern was very important,” she says. When I asked her to describe the people she works with (we work with the same people and I could not agree more with what she had to say about them) she said, “The employees here at Hastings are wonderful. I could not have asked for better individuals to have worked with this summer. You could tell everyone was genuine and friendly to all. My favorite quality about every employee I met was that it did not matter which position you held in the company, or what your specific job was, everyone was so friendly and willing to help each other.” Some of her daily tasks include reviewing & researching the Architectural Database to update contact information, determining active vs. inactive firms, and obtaining social media accounts. If Marissa was not graduating from college in the spring, she would definitely want to return as a summer intern next year. “I would have to say that Hastings has such an astounding group of people working there. I am very grateful for the opportunity they have given me this summer. I cannot thank them enough. I am certainly going to miss interning at A.W. Hastings.”

Summer Intern 2

Photo left to right: Marissa Chapdelaine, Austin Perry, Taylor Perry, William St. Marie

I am, as I said before, the Marketing Communications Intern. Something you may not know about me? I am starting my freshman year at Florida Southern College! But, while I am here, I do not take inventory of storage rooms and I would be afraid to go near the architect data base! My daily tasks include curating information, internal media posting, and…you guessed it…blog posting. I also help with a variety of organizational projects within the marketing department. I would describe my first day as an intern as an overwhelming, but an awesome learning experience. My favorite thing about Hastings is its employees. I have never been exposed to a group of people as kind and genuinely good-hearted as the ones at Hastings. There is a sense of camaraderie among the employees here that I have never felt before. In my opinion, Hastings is a great place to work and I would, without a doubt, return if given the opportunity.

As much as my job, Marissa’s job, and Austin’s job differ; William’s is far and beyond the most different. William St. Marie is 17 years old and he will be a senior at East Longmeadow High School when school starts again. His internship responsibilities exposed him to a different part of Hastings than us office workers. William works in the Distribution Center or DC. As an intern he is responsible for safely and efficiently loading and unloading trucks and handling materials being shipped, received, stocked and moved within the DC. That’s about as different as you can get from writing a blog! William said he was not very nervous on his first day on the job. He says he was “excited and ready to work.” Personally, I have only met a handful of the employees at the DC; however the ones I have met have the same Hastings spirit and overall wonderful-ness as the people I work with every day. William also likes the people he works with at the DC, “the employees are really fun.The guys always keep me on my toes and they have a lot of funny stories!” He says. When I asked him about next year, William enthusiastically replied, “of course I would come back! It’s fun!”

After talking to the other interns, it is clear that being an intern at Hastings has been a positive experience across the board, in all areas of the company we were exposed to. We all agree that Hastings’ employees really make the difference. Whether it is their work ethic, vast knowledge, or friendly personalities – there is always something to like. All four of us interns would like to thank our respective managers and coworkers for a great summer!


Photo left to right: Marissa Chapdelaine, Austin Perry, Taylor Perry, William St. Marie

2014 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award

Integrity’s 2014 Red Diamond Achiever People’s Choice Top Ten have been selected! There are only a few days left to vote for your favorite project. Vote once a day through Monday, August 4, and see who becomes this year’s People’s Choice winner!

In the meantime, Hastings will be highlighting a selection of submissions from the New England and Eastern New York area below. We will continue to feature submissions throughout the coming weeks, so be sure to keep checking them out!

2014 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award – Entries in the Top Ten – Vote Today!:

Lean Too House –
Brunswick, ME
David Matero
Bath, ME
Commercial Project in Burlington –
Burlington, VT
Bob Duncan
Burlington, VT(Sold through Windows and Doors By Brownell)

Submissions to the 2014 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award poured in from around the country – and we couldn’t be more excited about the number of great entries from Hastings’ territory! We can’t wait to see which projects will be selected as this year’s Red Diamond Achiever Award Winners. Judges will select five winning projects, to be announced this August. Stay tuned!

2014 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award Entries:

The following projects feature Integrity windows and doors sold through Marvin Design Gallery by Eldredge:

Portland –
Portland, ME
Bill Parr
Brunswick, ME

The following projects feature Integrity windows and doors sold through EBS Building Supplies:

Manicatide House – 
Penobscot, ME
Bruce Stahnke
Harborside, ME
Magnussen – 
Little Deer Isle, ME
Richard Coakley
Sedgwick, ME
Norris – 
Blue Hill, ME
Michael Hewes
Blue Hill, ME
High School – 
Narragaugus, ME
Chris White
Hulls Cove, ME

The following projects feature Integrity windows and doors sold through Branford Building Supplies:

Village Green Apartments – 
Glastonbury, CT
Paul Campanelli
Harwinton, CT
Athletic Facility – 
Fairfield, CT
Tom Lanese
Bridgeport, CT
Matthew Court
Matthew Court – 
Madison, CT
Joseph Ferrucci
North Haven, CT
Wilmont Crossing
Wilmot Crossing – 
New Haven, CT
Joan O’Riordan
Seymour, CT

Integrity’s annual Red Diamond Achiever Award Program recognizes contractors and remodelers who do great work with Integrity products. Current and completed commercial, remodel, replacement, or new construction projects with at least 5 Integrity openings are eligible for the award. Project submissions were accepted March 3, 2014 through June 26, 2014 and were entered by contractors, remodelers, and architects or nominated by a third party.

More information on the program is available at

Taking Window & Door Fundamentals to School

Hastings’ Customer Education Manager John Crane met with CADD students at Porter & Chester in June. The purpose of the visit was to lead a workshop designed to introduce the basics of windows and doors.

Porter_and_Chester_Institute_of_Stratford_1373492Early in June I received a call from Ken Gay, an instructor from Porter & Chester Institute in Chicopee, MA. He was wondering if one of the Hastings trainers would be willing to come in to speak with his class of CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) students. After conducting a mini needs assessment with Ken, we decided that it would be beneficial for the students to learn more about fenestration and the potential products that they are using in their CADD work.

In late Jucaddne I visited Ken’s CADD classroom to facilitate a window & door fundamentals workshop combined with an Integrity introduction. We began with the basics; what purposes do windows and doors serve, what materials are used to craft windows and doors, and what are the positives and negatives to each material.  I made this an active discussion and pulled the answers from the students. They participated readily and enjoyed it as it wasn’t something they had really thought about previously.

Naturally, I turned the conversation to the growth of fiberglass fenestration products and laid the foundation for a mini-Integrity 101. The students saw the value in the Integrity product from the strength and low maintenance exterior, to the ease of installation, to the warmth of wood on the interior of the Wood-Ultrex product. We did a nice job of balancing the technical side of the product; modulus and tensile strength, topics they naturally gravitated towards combined with the emotional side of the product; options, colors, hardware, and casing. They learned quite a bit about options and how to customize an Integrity window to their needs. It was interesting to see the students in action learning. As 3-dimensional as CADD can be, I saw how the students reacted having suitcase samples, corner sections, and “Bend This” chains to play with and appreciate the tactile-kinesthetic component of learning. There really is no substitute to actively viewing and touching when learning about a product (or buying for that matter!).

Ken and his students showed me some of the work they have completed with their newest tool, Revit, a building design and construction software.  Very cool.

The students became believers in Integrity that day. I came away with a renewed appreciation in learning – both in observing the students and viewing some of the work they have completed. It was also nice to share our knowledge with the greater Springfield community. They have asked me to return in a few weeks to talk about glass and glazing technology. I am looking forward working with the students again.

John CraneJohn Crane,
Customer Education Manager
A.W. Hastings


The Sales Process: A Different Point of View: Part 2

Read “A Different Point of View: Part 1″ here.

Would it be fair to say that when approaching a consumer during the sales process your focus is on figuring out what it is that will motivate them to buy from you? You have a short window of opportunity to give them as much information as possible to influence their decision, so you are eager to tell them about the many different features of our product lines, our quality installation or your company¹s sterling reputation. Unfortunately, your eagerness can all too easily come across as “feature-dumping.” Soon, you’ve given the customer a huge amount of information — but what have you learned about them? Have you asked them about their project, their needs, their thoughts on what they are looking for?

There are two outcomes that take place as a result of our presentation: the customer buys or they don’t buy. We spend a lot of time trying to figure how to sell to them. For a moment, let’s focus on why consumers don’t buy.

(Find reasons 1-5 on why consumers don’t buy in “A Different Point of View: Part 1“)


6. Lack of Options Available with Most Replacement Windows

Problem: Another reason that consumers don’t buy vinyl windows is because of the lack of options that are offered. Generally you may have a couple of color options and faux wood interiors (wood grain tape). These options leave much to be desired for the customer looking for a traditional, streamlined window.

Solution: Make sure the customer communicates to you their idea of a perfect window solution. A major advantage of selling the Marvin/Integrity line of windows is that we really can offer the perfect solution. It is easy to distance yourself from the pack by sharing the plethora of options we offer.

7. Lack of Trust of the Industry

Problem: Many homeowners are wary of selecting a contractor to work on their home. Have you ever heard any of these complaints? “They took my deposit and never finished the work,” “They started the job but kept leaving to do other work,” “What should have been a two day job took 2 weeks,” “I’ve been trying to get service but they never call me back,” or “I need parts for my window but the manufacturer is out of business.”

Solution: Make sure to point out that you represent more than an 800 number or a PO Box. You are a brick and mortar location with history, that is easy to find and willing to honor any and all service agreements. You are selling piece of mind. Don’t forget to mention Marvin’s 100 year history, another source of comfort. Marvin/Integrity retailers  only work with professional contractors or their own on-staff installers, and they will work consistently and quickly to stay on schedule and for the least disruption for the homeowner.

8. Our Lack of Understanding Their Goals

Problem: You can never afford to presume that you know what the customer wants. The only one qualified to know this is the consumer. Each customer has different hot buttons. Some only care about looks, for some it is the price and for others it may be service. One of our biggest mistakes is selling what you like, not what the customer wants or needs.

Solution: Take the time and ask questions such as “when it’s all said and done what do you hope to accomplish by installing new windows?” Then, listen to the answers. Offer a solution you think fits what the customers wants.

9. Price

Problem: Some consumers have a general idea of what they think a window should cost. Where do they get these ideas from? Maybe it’s from Uncle Louie who bought windows twenty years ago, an advertisement for a low price window or they may have had estimates from other companies. Once you allow the customer to compare your price without comparing products you lose…

Solution:  Be confident and don’t be afraid of our pricing. You need to understand that we are selling quality, experience, and longevity along with a window. Remove quality and the price goes down, lessen the experience and the price goes down, buy a product from a start up and the price goes down. Most reasonable customers will understand that there’s a price to pay for all of our features and benefits. You need to be able to transfer your belief in your company and products to the customer and once you do that it becomes easier for them to justify price.

10. Lack of Trust in The Sales Rep

Problem: Consumers need to believe you are sincere, knowledgeable and truthful. How many of us have walked away from a purchase because we didn’t like or trust the sales rep?

Solution: Ask questions relating to their projects and listen to what they are saying. Be honest when offering a solution and make sure it good for the customer and not just for you. Give them 100% of your attention and treat them like you would want to be treated if you were about to spend $10,000.

By simply understanding why consumers don’t buy and addressing these concerns, you will simplify your sales process. Remember, the best time to handle an objection is before it arises. And the best time to build trust and make a positive impression is within the first few minutes of meeting someone. Show you care about finding the right solutions to make the homeowner’s visions come to life – and you’ll have a better chance of closing the sale!

Harry Fanolis March 2014 - websize-5.jpgHarry Fanolis
Market Development
A.W. Hastings

Happy 103rd Birthday Ivan K. Hoyt!

It’s a very special day for the Hoyt and Hastings families – as Mr. Ivan K. Hoyt celebrates his 103rd birthday! Hastings would not be the company it is today had it not been for the tireless dedication and perseverance of Ivan and his late wife Florence – and today is a perfect occasion to honor that legacy.

The former Hastings president was featured in two local news stories over the past year. This past December, Mr. Hoyt was awarded the Golden Cane in Longmeadow, MA, where he is the oldest living resident. (


Ivan Hoyt receiving the Golden Cane and plaque in December 2013. (Photo courtesy of ABC40 Springfield)

As a lifelong Red Sox fan, Mr. Hoyt was also honored in April when the 2013 World Series Trophy came to visit him at his retirement community. (

Ivan Hoyt sitting with the 2013 Red Sox World Series trophy in Londmeadow. (photo courtesy of CBS3 Springfield)

Ivan Hoyt sitting with the 2013 Red Sox World Series trophy in Longmeadow. (photo courtesy of CBS3 Springfield)

Happy 103rd, Mr. Hoyt – and best wishes from all of us at Hastings. We thank you for the vision you had for this company, for your belief that we could rise above any challenge, and for your commitment to generations of our  employees. You have set the bar high – and we strive every day to live up to your example!

Ivan K Hoyt

Ivan K. Hoyt

Play Ball – Morgan Strong!

Bob Barker, a project manager for inside sales at Hastings, has organized the company’s wiffle ball team to compete in the Annual 9/11 Wiffle Ball Tournament at Fenway Westfield for several years. In 2013, Bob increased Hastings’ participation in the tournament by organizing not one, but two teams, so more people could play. This year two teams from Hastings, the Sliders and the Swingers, will travel to Fenway Westfield, but this time we’ll be competing in a tournament to benefit Officer Brett Morgan, the son of a long time Hastings employee. Read the Wiffle News newsletter from Bob Barker below to learn more about how we “Play Ball!”

Wiffle News – Hastings Eager to Represent

Photos: Left: Hastings Sliders (tan shirts) & Swingers (blue shirts), Right: Officer Brett Morgan

A.W. Hastings is playing wiffle ball at Fenway Westfield for the 5th consecutive year. Every year we talk about how this year will be different, about how we’ve got more players, about how we have two teams now, about how we’re playoff worthy. This year will truly be different for a very special reason.This year’s tournament is being played in honor of Officer Brett Morgan.

Brett’s Dad Mike Morgan has worked at Hastings for over 23 years. On January 19th of this year Officer Brett Morgan of the New Britain Police Department was critically injured in the line of duty. He was in surgery for 9 hours and although his recovery has been nothing short of a miracle, there are many more surgeries and challenges ahead for the young man and his family. Half of the proceeds from this tournament will go directly to the Brett Morgan Benefit Fund.

Hastings normally plays in the fall tournament at this quarter scale replica of America’s most beloved ballpark but since the Summer event is in honor of Brett, we changed our plans and have reserved slots for two teams to represent Hastings and show support for the son of one of our own. Brett and his wife actually played for one of the Hastings teams back in 2012 and we’re eager to return the favor and play for him now. If you’re looking for something to do the weekend of June 27th – 29th, this is definitely worth the trip.

So come out and cheer us on as we represent Hastings and the Brett the only way we know how… Morgan Strong

Injury Update

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 11.31.59 AM

Every ball club has injuries – it’s just part of the game. At Hastings, it’s a BIG part of the game. Here’s a list of injured players and where they stand today.

John Nolan – stitch in side – STATUS: recovered

Bob Barker – shoulder/elbow numb – STATUS: fully recovered

Deb Pelland – hip injury – STATUS: unknown

Jose Claudio – ankle injury – STATUS: 90% recovered

Dusty Hoyt – achilles injury – STATUS: 90% recovered

Mike Morgan – torn hamstrings(2) – STATUS: fully recovered

Brian Grady – collided with young boy – STATUS: both fully recovered

Rookies Demand to Play…Together

When rounding out the roster for 2013’s teams Coach Barker got an e-mail from a young prospect down in the minors who couldn’t play for the current team but vowed to make the team in 2014. Maureen Isherwood kept good on her promise and has been added to the 2014 roster.

The rookie isn’t exactly entering the mix quietly though. She and rookie Kim Viviano have signed contracts that specifically call for the two of them to be on the same team. Ish and K-Viv have boldly guaranteed a winning record if the two play on the same squad. So we’ll have to wait and see if the two can deliver on this bold prediction.

Some veterans of the squad were surprised at the boldness of the rookies but agreed it was refreshing. One old timer was quoted as saying “As long as they know they still have to carry our equipment to the ballpark, they’ll be fine.” Stay tuned…

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 11.32.27 AM

Visit for tournament info.

See the PDF of the Wiffle News wiffle news 050614.pdf – Adobe Acrobat[2]

wiffle news 050614

Wychmere Pool Bar Pavilion

2013 Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award Winner George Gakidis of Gakidis & Stewart designed the Wychmere Pool Bar Pavilion in Harwich Port, MA as an open air gathering space with full views of the ocean and pool. He chose Integrity Wood-Ultrex IMPACT Casement, Awning, and Polygon windows for their durability against the coastal climate.

Read the full case studies at

The 2014 Red Diamond Achiever Program is accepting submissions through June 26th, 2014. This annual program is a chance for builders to share their projects where Integrity products are used to create a unique solution or on jobs with interesting stories. See the current 2014 entries and submit or nominate a project at